UK based holiday’s

    UK Holidaying within the UK is the easiest way to holiday, there are so many choices available to you, and so much to see and do, furthermore, it is affordable which many mean that you can afford to go on more than one holiday a year.

    What accommodation types are available to me?

    There are a wide range of UK Based accommodation types for you to take advantage of, when you consider what is best suited to you consider not only how much it is going to cost but also what your needs are.

    Hotels: The UK is full of top quality five and four star hotels offering top quality service, accommodations and foods, many of these types of hotels have spa’s and all of the usual facilities you would associate with a good hotel.  If you are looking for something a little cheaper, hotels like travel lodges offer affordable and family friendly accommodations all over the UK. For something a little different, why not consider staying in a quiet, family run Bed and Breakfast?

    Cottages for rent: There are a number of companies set up now that advertise cottages, log cabins, converted mills and other types of holiday homes, all of which are available for you to rent for the duration of your holiday.  One of the benefits to something like this is it gives you the chance to take your pet with you.

    Chalet: Many of the caravan sites and holiday parks within the UK now offer chalets for accommodation, these will sleep more people therefore making a family holiday more feasible as you can share the costs.

    Caravan: You can buy a caravan and rent a space to park it for a week in your hosen location, alternatively you can find a caravan park and rent a caravan big enough for you and your family for the duration of your holiday.

    Camping: this is a fantastic family holiday idea, children enjoy camping, it is the cheapest way to go on holiday.  Because camping is so popular now, camp sites offer more and better facilities meaning you hardly miss the comforts of your own home.

    What places are nice to travel to within the UK?

    Lake District, Wales: excellent for taking  hikes and going for walks in the natural hillside and forestry.  Alternatively an excellent secluded and romantic holiday break.
    Devon/Cornwall: with its fantastic locality to beaches, the range of various shops, museums and outings and with a lively nightlife, Cornwall makes an excellent holiday destination for the entire family.

    Brighton: rich in culture, it’s not just the beaches that attract the tourists to Brighton.  This is an excellent family holiday location, with much to do and see and something for everyone in the family.

    Yorkshire Dales: a beautiful setting, excellent for picturesque views, long walks and a nice relaxing holiday.  There are plenty of sites to see, all within driving distance of the Yorkshire Dales, if you do not just want to spend your holiday in the great outdoors.

    St Andrews, Scotland: its not the gorgeous beaches that attract people to St Andrews, but rather the variety of things to do.  St Andrews boasts one of the world’s most famous golf courses, it is also an excellent location for trout fishing, power kiting and cycling, and has a botanical gardens and an aquarium for days out.

    Weymouth, Dorset: this is one of the best seaside resorts the UK has to offer, the beaches are award winning with a World heritage Jurassic coast, and as a result attract a lot of tourism, especially in the summer months. Weymouth also has beautiful lakes and an aquarium, two large shopping centres and museums, and for some culture, a Victorian Fortress for you to explore housing a collection of World War 2 memorabilia.

    My advice: do not miss to enjoy the nightlife in London .

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