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What Makes a Great Travel Companion?

Do you ever wonder what makes a great travel companion? Well, here are several traits that you should look for in a travel buddy during your next solo trip:

1. They should be as passionate about traveling as you are.

A great travel companion should be a person who wants to see the same places that you want to see, who is willing to try out new kinds of food, and who wants to try the same activities that you want to try. In other words, you shouldn’t choose a travel buddy who will need a ton of convincing before trying something out with you. You will just end up wasting a lot of energy and time on a person like that and that could ruin your trip altogether.Group of People with Trolley in the Hall

2. They must be trustworthy.

Since you are actually traveling alone, your travel buddy will obviously be somebody who starts out as a stranger to you. Before you travel together, you might just see them through emails or photos, or you might just meet them randomly during your solo trip. If somebody invites you to travel with them, but you feel a bit uncomfortable around them, then it might be best to ignore them altogether. Your instincts are almost always right – remember that.

3. They have a good sense of direction.

When traveling to a new place alone, it can be difficult to follow directions, especially in foreign countries. After all, you don’t know the buildings or the streets, and you are just about to try out new things. If you meet somebody on your travels who isn’t actually from there, then you should at least try to find out how good they are at reading maps or asking questions. If they are great at it and you aren’t, then meeting up with them on a regular basis to explore different places together might be a good idea.

4. They must pay for their share.

There are various reasons why you might decide to suddenly look for a travel buddy during your solo trip. Although your reasons might not involve money at all, it would be nice to travel with somebody who actually pays for their share and shares different expenses with you, don’t you agree?

5. They are willing to compromise.

If you decide to team up with somebody during your solo travels, then you need to know that there will be certain times where you won’t agree on things. You might want to eat at one particular restaurant they don’t like, for example, or your travel buddy might want to try out an activity that you simply aren’t interested in. Because of this, you should choose a travel companion that is open-minded and will compromise with you every now and then.

If you are having trouble finding a good travel companion to team up with on your next solo trip, then you might want to visit different travel websites online for help. These websites can help you find the perfect travel buddy who matches your personal preferences if you need them.

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Travelling with other people can be great or can be hell, I usually love travelling with my husband, he is more experienced than me and handles everything faster than me, filling up stuff and he always knows the airport procedures, he is great, I always get distracted by the stores and so many people walking by. For me the perfect travel buddy is my loving husband.

I definitely agree with having the same levels of passion for travel. I have been to enough places with people who went along with me simply because I didn’t want to go alone and they ended up being miserable! For me however I felt like I was giving them an experience they would have never had otherwise.

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