Why a cruise ship holiday might be the perfect travel vacation for you

    Some people think that cruise ship holidays aren’t for them. After all, you’re trapped on a boat with hundreds of others—it potentially sounds like a nightmare. However, the reality is that cruise ships are an incredibly relaxing, versatile vacation.

    There are a number of reasons that cruise ships are a fantastic holiday option.

    1. You don’t have to organise anything

    Unless you want to do something unusual at a particular port, the entire trip is planned for you. Where you’re going, the mode of transport from A to B, and your accommodation. All you need to worry about is making it back to the ship in time before it heads off to the next destination. There are no rental cars to park, trains to book or destinations to plan. Easy.

    1. You don’t have to live out of a suitcase

    Your room is yours for the duration of the trip. Unlike traditional travel, where you’ll be changing your hotel room every few nights, you can unpack your suitcase and get into a simple routine. No unpacking your cosmetics every morning!

    1. No dodgy hotel rooms

    If you’ve ever laid in a hotel bed and watched a cockroach scuttle across the floor or been unable to sleep as a party raged in the bar below, you know that accommodation can be hit or miss. And often, no amount of planning or research can avoid an unpleasant experience. Cruise ships have specially designed rooms that are quiet and well ventilated, and strict standards so you know the rooms are clean.

    1. You’re not going to get bored

    The thought of travelling for 12+ hours everyday sounds like a bit of a nightmare, but throw away those thoughts of airplane-style travel. Because that time on the ocean will be something you look forward to. There are gyms, full size swimming pools, libraries, beauty spas, ten pin bowling, casinos, shows and almost any type of entertainment you can imagine. Every ship has slightly different options but you can be as relaxed or busy as you like.

    1. Great for kids and elderly

    Because every whim is catered for and within easy walking distance, cruise ships are perfect if you’re travelling with family. Most cruise lines offer kids clubs, where your kids can go for the day and make friends with other kids and have fun. There are also loads of child-friendly things to do, including playgrounds, rock climbing walls and the pool. Most importantly, you know they are safe – with loads of staff around, there’s always someone keeping an eye out.

    For elderly, everything is accessible. They have their days relaxing, doing anything they want at their pace. They don’t have to leave the ship at every destination either if they’d prefer to stay on board.

    1. The food

    People who go on cruise ships generally gain weight. They are notorious for their extensive menus and lavish buffets. Most cruise prices are inclusive of food, meaning you can eat as much as you want to no extra cost (ideal for teenage boys). There may be exclusive restaurants on board that cost extra and often alcohol is extra, but those choices are up to you.

    1. Good value for money

    Because food is included, cruises are excellent value for money. Accommodation, transport, entertainment and food costs are all taken care of. If you are flexible on dates or where you’re going, cruises are one of the only holidays you can book at the last minute and get a huge deal. Because they are sailing anyway, they need those extra rooms filled – so if you’re not fussy about where you’re going, you can pick up a cruise for a few hundred dollars. There are no hidden expenses on a cruise. You will still need your own insurance though, in case of bad weather, ill health or problems back home that require you to finish your trip early.

    1. You’ll make friends

    Because you’re on board with the same people for the whole holiday, it’s likely you’ll makes friends. Cruises are quite social, so you’ll meet interesting dining companions and maybe make friends for life.

    1. WiFi is expensive

    This might not seem like a good thing, but it means there is literally no way to check your work emails. Your kid can’t watch endless YouTube videos. It forces you to disconnect from Facebook and look up from your device, focusing on your family.

    1. You will have fun

    All of this adds up to a holiday with no stress, very few responsibilities, amazing destinations and a lot of fun.

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