Why Are Camping Holidays Now So Popular?

    Camping trips have always been popular with a certain type of person but in recent years the popularity of this type of holiday has grown to such an extent that it is now the first choice for many different types of holidaymaker.

    There are some very good reasons for this and below are some of the ones you might like to be aware of before you choose this year’s summer holiday.


    Whether you are heading off with your family, looking for a solo holiday or interested in a romantic couple’s break you will be pleased to find a trip which offers you a great deal of flexibility.

    More and more tourists are now getting fed up with the idea of being restricted to just the hotel’s food when they go on an all inclusive trip. However, eating every single meal out in a restaurant can be expensive as well as being a bit boring after a few days. With a camping holiday you can mix some home cooking with picnics and eating out. This is just one example of how this sort of holiday gives you a lot of flexibility.

    Another example comes with the fact that you can choose to be out in the countryside or near the beach, as campsites often offer far more interesting locations than hotels. You won’t need to travel far to get out into the action and enjoy your free time.


    This is one aspect of camping trips which has improved immensely in recent times. A good campsite will offer you the likes of sporting facilities, a kid’s club and a pool as well as the basic cooking and washing facilities you would expect.

    Camping Holidays
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    If you haven’t been to a camping site for a few years then you should see the kind of sites which is on offer nowadays.


    Another aspect of camping which has changed greatly in the last decade or so is the amount of technology which you can take away with you. For a start, you will want to load up your smartphone with some apps which help you get the most out of your destination. You will also find that your local outdoor store has all sorts of exciting things for listening to music on, getting some light from and starting a fire with.

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    You might not need all of these gadgets in a modern campsite but the sheer thrill of having such technology in your hands is worth having.

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