Wine Tourism in Stuttgart

    Read on to find out about Stuttgart’s excellent wine heritage and what tourist spots you can visit during a holiday in the region.

    Germany makes wine?

    Famous for centuries for its fondness of flagons of ale, apparently Germans are masters at making wine too. And Stuttgart is at the very heart of this largely unpublicised detail.

    The capital of the Baden-Württemberg region, the city is home to the some of the finest vineyards in Germany – with grapes even being growing right in the city centre. Wine production still plays an important part in the economy and culture of Stuttgart and, whilst most of the produce is sold in Germany, its international popularity is beginning to grow.

    Wine tourism is an increasingly popular reason for tourists staying in Stuttgart to extend their holiday. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the viticulture of Stuttgart and the best places to visit during your time in the city.


    According to contemporary sources wine was introduced to Stuttgart in 1108 when Blaubeuren Abbey received vines from a Monk Ulrich. Winemaking prospered in the region’s warm and welcoming climate, with vineyards particularly flourishing along the banks of the Neckar River.

    Under the Holy Roman Empire the city was the third largest producer of the drink in the whole of Germany, with revenues from the trade remaining Stuttgart’s leading source of income during much of the 19th century.

    Wine Tourism
    Wine Tourism

    Interesting facts

    –       The Baden-Württemberg region continues to be the fourth-largest wine producing province in Germany.

    –       Five main types of grape are gown in Stuttgart

    • The light-bodied Trollinger
    • The champagne-constituent Schwarzriesling
    • The late-blooming but spicy-tasting Lemberger
    • The temperamental Spätburgunder
    • The aromatic Riesling

    –       Stuttgart is firmly a red wine region – 71% of vineyards grow red grape which is used to produce a mixture of red and rose wines.

    Where to visit

    The recently refurbished Stuttgart Museum of Viniculture is a ‘must see’ for wine tourists. Housed in a former pressing-building, it documents the region’s unique wine producing history through a series of exhibits and artefacts. The multimedia museum is perfect for all the family and gives you a real sense of the significant part wine has played in Stuttgart’s culture. After touring the museum, adults can indulge in a wine sampling session to allow their taste buds to explore Stuttgart’s well-respected produce as well.

    Visitors to the city at the right time of the year will be able to attend the annual Stuttgart Wine Village. The 12-day long festival celebrates the region’s produce in all its glory, with around 500 different varieties on hand for eager tourists to sample.

    Many of Stuttgart’s individual vineyards also offer organised tours of their facilities, whilst paths constructed in the 19th century throughout the wine producing areas are perfect for a relaxing holiday walk.

    Are you a fan of Stuttgart’s wine?

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