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10 Cities Every Art Enthusiast Should Visit

Many American art enthusiasts dream about visiting foreign countries to enjoy and purchase breathtaking pieces of art. However, many American cities are unfairly overlooked when it comes to their contribution to the art world. Los Angeles and New York City are the two American cities that are most well known, but many other cities are perfect for art lovers.

Here are ten cities you should plan to visit that offer numerous art attractions.

Southfield, Michigan

Home to the Park West Gallery, Southfield is an art enthusiast’s dream destination. The gallery showcases both contemporary and fine art pieces from paintings to sculptures. Park West Gallery professionals operate a cruise allowing art lovers to purchase pieces from international artists while sailing the high seas.

Asheville, North Carolina

You may be planning a trip to the Biltmore estate to appreciate the fine art it has to offer, but be sure not to miss out on the numerous other attractions the city has to offer. Asheville is a mecca for art lovers as it offers something for everyone. From furniture and handmade décor to paintings and sculptures, this city has it all. Much of the showcased art highlights the culture of the region, making it a wonderful memento to document your trip.

Berkeley, California

This city is home to both the Berkeley Art Center and the U.S. Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archives. At the Berkeley Art Center, you can view stunning outdoor murals and a variety of community exhibitions fueled by political and social agendas. The art museum features contemporary and fine art paintings alongside fascinating films.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you enjoy contemporary art, a visit to New Orleans should be on your bucket list. Throughout the city, you will find numerous examples of regional art that reflect the Cajun culture. Visit the New Orleans Museum of Art to view stunning exhibitions featuring a variety of art mediums. The French Quarter highlights music and artwork inspired by jazz.

Savannah, Georgia

With 23 art exhibits and galleries within the city limits, Savannah caters to every preference. Galleries such as the Signature Gallery of Savannah feature fine and contemporary art. Outdoor exhibits such as the Art Center At City Market showcase local pieces from regional artists.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Home to the Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati is well-known for abstract paintings and sculptures. The showcased art is inspired by urban, contemporary scenes and is created by artists from all over the country.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco offers art to suit every preference. Studios highlight beautiful fine art paintings, while photography galleries showcase urban and contemporary scenes. Numerous street artists bring their own unique contributions to the scene by performing on street corners or tagging open spaces with graffiti and murals.

Miami, Florida

Fine art enthusiasts will enjoy the many studios located within Miami. The city also hosts numerous waterfront exhibits and festivals that showcase local artists with contemporary pieces. Recently, the city has created events encouraging Latin-American artists to enter to highlight their influence on the city.

Chicago, Illinois

Although it is often overlooked by art lovers, Chicago has some of the best art attractions in the country. The Museum of Contemporary Art features paintings, photographs and sculptures from artists located across the country. The Art Institute of Chicago highlights art from a variety of styles and mediums. You can even observe certain artists at work and participate in interactive exhibits.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

From regional art pieces depicting the canals and wildlife surrounding the city to stunning paintings that reflect the beauty of Fort Lauderdale, this city offers a vast array of art styles. Visit the NSU Art Museum to experience a variety of artists, styles and mediums that cater to any preference.

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