10 Most Affordable Cities to Live and Work in 2021 (USA and Abroad)

    Are you thinking about moving to another country? Who wouldn’t want to pack the bags, escape the monotonous nine-to-five routine, and explore new places?

    But making this dream a reality means quitting your job and losing stable income. One of the main concerns when moving to another state/country is finding a good job with a decent salary that allows you to pay the rent and cover all expenses but also to enjoy the new city.

    Believe it or not, it’s not impossible to make this dream a reality. According to experts, the number of people in the US who quit their job last year was the highest since 2001 and this trend is expected to continue.

    In addition, the average increase in compensation for workers who leave their old job for a new one is around 15%, which gives you a great head start.

    So, if 2021 is the year when you finally decide to make the big step, this article has you covered.

    We’ve compiled a list of the most affordable cities and countries to live in (in the States and abroad). Here we go!

    The 5 Best Cities to Live and Work in 2021 – USA

    1.    Scottsdale, Arizona

    With great job prospects, a minimum wage of $11 per hour and a socioeconomic rank score 6, this desert city makes the top pick of 2019. Scottsdale is a great place to get to know your neighbors, be part of different activities, or visit various places such as Old Town. In addition, it offers excellent nightlife, as well as hiking opportunities for nature lovers, including the famous Camelback Mountain.

    2.    Chandler, Arizona

    Another top pick comes from the Grand Canyon State. This Phoenix suburb with a population of about 250k is the home of employers like Wells Fargo and Intel, with a minimum wage of $11 per hour. Despite the fact that real estate prices have been constantly rising for more than 6 years, living in Chandler is quite affordable. So, if you don’t mind the extremely hot weather in summer, this might be your new hometown.

    3.    Portland, Maine

    Being the home to more than 500k people, this energetic city offers great job opportunities at a minimum wage of $11. The five highest-paying jobs include psychiatrists, internists, dentists, physicians, and surgeons, which makes Maine’s biggest city a mecca for medical workers. For those who want to live a calmer life but still earn top dollar in the big city, the best place to live in is South Portland.

    4.    Boston, Massachusetts

    Even though Boston isn’t very impressive when it comes to quality of life, it’s still one of the best cities when it comes to job prospects. Being home to a number of top medical centers, the highest-paying jobs in this city include orthodontists, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, obstetricians/gynecologists, and internists. In addition, Boston has a developed tourism industry with above-average incomes. If you want to reap all the benefits of working in a big city but still have a high-quality life, consider living in the nearby town of Newton.

    5.    Washington, DC

    The nation’s capital is among the top cities when it comes to job opportunities, with very high scores for job advancement and security. Besides medical positions, DC’s highest-paying jobs include chief executives, judges, magistrates, as well as pilots and flight engineers.

    The Best Cities to Live and Work in 2021 Worldwide

    The salary range in very expensive countries is from 5000-6500USD while in the super cheap countries it is from 50-250USD. In Some countries, the industries pay their workers according to the different payment frequencies (hourly, weekly, biweekly etc.). So, if you want to get an idea about their monthly, yearly salaries then, you can simply use the online salary calculator that helps you to convert the salary amount to their corresponding payment frequencies. When it comes to wages then, the online wage calculator finds the yearly earning of an employee so that he/she can make a connection between their needs and earnings.

    If you think that living in another country will cost you a fortune, you’re wrong. Sure, living in very expensive countries like Australia or Italy will force you to spend almost all of your hard-earned salary. Luckily, there are some super cheap countries where you can live off a modest salary (yes, the salaries in the following countries are lower, but so are the expenses).

    6.      San Jose, Costa Rica

    Known for its beautiful sandy beaches and friendly people, Costa Rica is one of the cheapest countries to live in. For instance, a restaurant meal costs about $4-$5, whereas rents are within the range of $300-$750. The country is also easily accessible for American citizens due to frequent and cheap flights. Consider finding a job as a diving teacher or an English language teacher.

    7.      Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    If your dream is to live and work in a super exotic place without breaking the bank, Vietnam is the destination for you. Besides Ho Chi Minh, the best cities to look for a job are Da Nang and the capital Hanoi. The most popular job for foreigners is teaching English, with salaries from $1,200-$1,800 a month. If this seems too low, just consider that the monthly rent is about $250, whereas a decent meal in a restaurant costs no more than $3!

    8.    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Looking to live and work in Europe? This country gives you the opportunity to make your dream come true without the high price tags found in other European countries like France or Italy. Situated in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria allows you to explore the whole region which includes countries like Turkey and Greece. Eating out in Sofia costs about $5, whereas the average apartment rent is about $250. The most popular jobs in Bulgaria are jobs related to tourism and teaching English.

    9.      Cape Town, South Africa

    For those that would like to live in an English-speaking country, here is the solution. By moving to Cape Town, you won’t have to spend money on a language school in order to learn the language, which will make the transition much easier. However, the country has ten other official languages, so teaching English is still a very popular job. In addition, there are job opportunities in the tourism industry, as well as with big international companies. An average restaurant meal costs about $7-$8, whereas the rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $400-$450 per month.

    10.    Guanajuato, Mexico

    Why travel far when you’re just one cheap flight away from having everything you ever dreamed of? From amazing street food to beautiful sandy beaches on the turquoise Caribbean waters, Mexico has something for everyone. Avoid popular tourist destinations like Cancun and look for job opportunities in smaller towns like Guanajuato or Merida, where the living costs are much lower. For instance, the monthly rent for a small apartment can be as low as $200, whereas delicious street food meals start at $1! Besides teaching English, other popular jobs include au pairs, tourism-related jobs, as well as sales positions.

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