10 things to do on the island paradise of Mauritius.


    Mauritius is an idyllic island paradise in the turquoise blue Indian Ocean. An island that will entrance you with its contrast of colours, cultures and tastes. It is a place of surpassing beauty and luxury, perfect for a rejuvenating island retreat. Once you have settled in and unwound, here are the top 10 activities and sights to see on this island Eden.

    Visit Ile Aux Cerfs

    Take a boat trip across the turquoise blue ocean to the snow white sandy beaches of the Ile Aux Cerfs and enjoy a barbeque in the shade of the islands pristine palm trees. The island can also be viewed from above, when you go parasailing, or by foot as you play golf on the Bernard Langer styled course. Take the short boat ride to the Ile Aux Cerfs, have a relaxing meal on the beach, and then go visit the angelic waterfalls.

    See the Seven Colours of the Earth

    Drive down the scenic islands roads to see the Seven Colours of the Earth, a set of red, brown, purple sand dunes. The dunes were given colour when volcanic rock cooled at different temperatures and was crushed into the sand. Take many photos of this magical sight of the uniquely colourful dunes before arriving at the Charmarel Waterfall.

    The Charmarel Waterfall may not be the largest or highest Waterfall in the world, but they are beautiful and make for a fantastic and unique photo opportunity.

    Go to the Races

    Go to the races on an island holiday. Horseracing has been in Mauritius since 1812 and every Saturday the country is transfixed by the sport of kings. The Champs de Mars is the oldest racetrack in the southern hemisphere and a great venue to place a bet and be caught up in the passion of the local horse racing fanatics.

    You can attend the races in two ways, Economy with the locals in the stands, or First class with the elite of the island in the boxes of the Crowne Lodge.

    Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens

    The Pamplemousses botanical gardens consist of 60 acres of natural wonder, with giant lilies, palm trees, bats hanging from branches, and lakes with giant turtles and fish. This magic filled garden, with unique flora and fauna, has invited many famous individuals such as Nelson Mandela and Indira Ghandi to plant trees to grow in the reserve.

    Go searching for stars in the trees, and take a photo with each tree you find planted by a famous person.

    Enjoy the Nightlife


    When visiting the Grand Bay, as most definitely will, as it is included in most Mauritius holiday packages, make sure to soak up the nightlife. Dance the night away at Insomnia one of the many popular nightclubs, go gambling at one of the casinos, or enjoy a sumptuous cocktail at the Beach House and watch some sport.

    Shop at the Markets in Port Louis and Quatre Borne

    If shopping in the Grand Bay is a little too grand, inspect the wares on display at Port Louis and Quatre Borne markets. Navigate the small and winding passages in search for bargains on homemade jewellery, clothing, shoes, souvenir ships, and accessories.

    Good on Blue Safari, Scuba Diving

    Explore the marine life of Mauritius in the warm clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Dive into the marine wonderland at one of the many scuba diving sites along the coastline. Dive safe in the knowledge that all of the dive centres on the island have excellent safety records.

    Go on an undersea safari, on a sub-scooter. What is a sub scooter? A sub-scooter is a two-person submersible that keeps your head and shoulders dry and in oxygen, while the rest of your body is submerged in the warm water. Pretend to be James Bond, in Thunderball as you explore the depths on this unique mode of underwater transport.

    La Vanille Crocodile Park

    The La Vanille Crocodile Park is obviously dedicated to this scaly reptile, but is also home to other creatures like giant bats, giant turtles, monkeys and a huge insect collection, or a collection of huge insects. See this menagerie of interesting beasts and learn about the endangered species pandemic. If you’re courageous when it comes to cuisine, try the Crocodile Curry.

    Sky Dive

    Take in the sights of this magnificent island while hurtling towards it. Indulge in an adrenalin rush by going sky diving with Skydive Mauritius, take a tandem jump, or go it alone, providing you have the qualifications. Seeing the lush green forests and turquoise blue waters of Mauritius rush towards you at terminal velocity will leave you with a memory that you will never forget.

    Slide through a Forest on a Zipline

    If plummeting toward the earth is a little too extreme for you, take an easier ride, but have just as much fun. Slide through forests, over rocks, trees and rivers like a modern day Tarzan. Take a Zipline ride on a network of cables at the Casela Adventure Park, and enjoy an exhilarating combination of sightseeing and speed.

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