10 Ways to Take Photos of Yourself When Travelling Solo

    Travelling involves a lot of photo-snapping now since the trend of posting photos on social media has turned inevitable. The greatest struggle in travelling alone is taking pictures of oneself.

    You cannot always stop passersby to stop and take photos of you. Therefore, you must have other options on hand to be able to click your photos without much hassle. You might be wondering how you can possibly do that. Fret not! That is exactly what I am here for.

    Below are some ways using which you can easily take photos of yourself when travelling alone:

    1. Use the Timer Feature

    With the smart technology, all phones today have the feature of self-timer in them. Place your phone at a place and start the self-timer while you move back and pose until it finally clicks. This feature is also available in different app cameras as well.

    1. Screenshot Your Video

    Now this one is a lengthy yet an exciting way to take a picture which is not known by many. All you need to do is make a video of yourself and then play it. Then, just pause the video on a pose that you find really gorgeous and take a screenshot of it. Isn’t it amazing?

    1. Use Reflection

    Mirror selfies are all in now and that is a great way to take a picture of your own without the need to ask somebody else. You can use any reflecting object to take a picture of yourself while being creative at the same time.

    1. The Burst Feature

    Now, this feature is perfect for all those who do not ever get satisfied with the first take and always need more takes of the same pose. The burst mode takes a lot of clicks at once which allows you to select from them the one you like the most. You can set the camera up somewhere and use this feature just like you use the self-timer.

    1. Use a Selfie Stick

    Selfie stick is a must to carry along if you are travelling alone. It has made snapping photos when travelling solo super easy.

    1. Install a Dash Cam

    Invest in a good dash cam for your car if you are on a road trip and it will solve your problem of taking pictures while you drive through the beautiful lands. If your dash cam has the right features, it can actually help you record the whole travel journey and turn it into a movie for you.

    1. Ask a Passersby

    It is the most common and easy way to get a complete picture of yourself as well. All you need to do is ask someone passing by politely to take a picture of you. Do not sound too clingy and make sure the person is not busy with something of their own. Doing so will help you get into a small talk with people with other culture and language as well.

    1. Get a Tripod

    Tripods allow you to take a picture of yourself while you set a camera and stand with a majestic view behind you. They can help you get the best picturesque photos that you long for on a trip.

    1. The Regular Selfie

    The regular camera selfie is definitely the best option for all the girls out there. You can use your arm length, taking a bit of your face and some nice view in the backdrop. It is the easiest and most addictive way to take photos of yourself while travelling solo.

    1. Artsy Photos

    Be a little creative and take some artsy photos in which you include your random body parts like your hands with a cup of coffee and a beautiful view from the hotel balcony or your feet on the white sand of Hawaii. You can collect some real cool pictures of yourself like this while travelling alone.

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    Robert is a student of business administration. He has a great passion for cars and devices that improve the driving experience. He loves photography as well and has his own little studio in California. He ritually posts at Dash Cam Safety.

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