Amazing places to experience adventure holidays in Asia

    A shout out to all adventure thrill seekers! If you are looking for some adventure fun while holidaying in Asia, you are absolutely assured of getting some heart-pumping action. Asian countries are magnificently varied when it comes to nature and topography. The highlight of adventure holiday in Asian destinations is that you can enjoy adventure sport amid brilliant scenic panoramas. Here are some adventures you can look forward to at these popular Asian destinations.

     Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

    Asian countries are blessed with tropical climate and vast network of water bodies which has resulted in an expanse of rich and diverse aquatic life. This beautiful underwater world of colourful and unique marine species is a haven for snorkellers and scuba divers. Though it is quite tough to list out the most popular diving sites, here are some of the most exotic Asian spots that are perfect for a memorable scuba diving or snorkelling experiences.

    Richelieu Rock – Phuket, Thailand

    Richelieu Rock - Phuket, Thailand

    A horse shaped pinnacle brimming with countless marine life is a popular diving site in Thailand. The soft corals, sponges and colourful shoals of tiny fishes are a delight to view. Many smaller species such as harlequin shrimp, ghost pipefish along with big fishes like manta rays, sharks and barracudas can also be spotted during the dive sessions.

    Andaman Islands, India

    Scuba Diving - Andaman Islands, India

    These stunning clusters of islands off the coast of Indian peninsula offer a refreshing nature retreat to visitors. Andaman Island is also perhaps the only place in India ideal for scuba diving with clear visibility and abundance of sea life. Havelock Island has lots of sites with pristine reefs and clear waters teeming with aquatic marvels waiting to be explored. Neil Island and North Bay Islands are top sites for scuba diving in Andaman Island.



    The whole archipelago of Maldives feels like a divine creation unlike any other in the world. The crystal azure waters and the clear climate fuse in perfection for memorable scuba diving sessions. On a diving session, you are guaranteed to spot parrot fishes, clown fishes, turtles, snappers, eels and a variety of rays and sharks along with fascinating coral reefs. Fotteyo Kandu in Vaavu Atoll, Maafushivaru, Velidhu, Kandolhu in Ari Atoll, Kandooma Thila, and South Male Atoll are some of the most popular diving spots in Maldives.

    Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Scuba Diving - Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Indonesia is a country with a vast expanse of coastline that stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. Being surrounded by two oceans, there is an extravagant abundance of corals and marine life which resulted in Indonesia having numerous diving spots with suitable ambiance of clear waters and pleasant climate for snorkeling and scuba diving. Of all the places, Raja Ampat stands out for its unique diving location having the highest recorded species of fish and corals on the planet. Comprising of four main islands and over 1,500 small isles, Raja Ampat offers an unbelievable underwater world swarming with a bounty of marine life unlike anywhere else in the world.

    White Water Rafting

    From still shallow pools, raging oceans, slowly meandering lakes to rushing currents of wild rivers, Asia showcases different moods of water. Raging rivers are favourite among adventure enthusiasts for whitewater rafting and Asia has plenty of destinations that are perfect for this adventure.

    Maykha River, Myanmar

    White Water Rafting - Maykha River, Myanmar

    This river meanders through dense forest and has some of the extreme Rapids in Asia. This Asian adventure trip starts off with mild flows and few ups and downs that gradually turn into exhilarating wild torrents, some of which are incredibly difficult to maneuver. White water rafting on this river is recommended for experienced adventurers.

    Pai River, Thailand

    White Water Rafting - Pai River, Thailand

    Thailand is unarguably one of the most preferred destinations for Adventure holidays in Asia as it has something for every kind of adventure seeker. Thailand offers spectacular settings and waters for white water rafting, especially in Northern Thailand and Pai River is one of the most popular spots for this thrilling adventure sport. Set amid green countryside and wilderness, the scenic beauty along with the adrenaline rushing white water rafting experience ranging from class III to class IV rapids is a great way to spend an adventure vacation Asia trip in Thailand.

    Padas River, Malaysia

    White Water Rafting - Padas River, Malaysia

    Set in Borneo Malaysia, River Padas provide a stunning landscape of rainforests, wildlife, and gushing river waters to start off your journey in a relaxed mode. Ride on class III to IV Rapids that provide you with a roller coaster water ride complete with swirling loops, tall waves, and thrilling drops. The rapids are named after what adventures you are likely to experience on the ride such as Merry-Go-Round Rapid, Scooby Doo Rapid, Break Point Rapid, Curve Rapid, Cobra Rapid, Lambada Rapid and Head Hunter Rapid.

    Nam Ha River, Laos

    White Water Rafting - Nam Ha River, Laos

    One among Laos’s network of rivers, Nam Ha has ambiances best suited for mild as well as extreme adventures. The Nam Ha River has bouts of thrilling rapids for hardcore white water rafting experience. It also has several calmly flowing water spots which are apt for kayaking and canoeing for those who wish to enjoy an Asian tour with a blend of nature and water adventure.


    Dramatic mountain terrains – some rocky, some swathed in forests, entwined with winding rivers and stunning waterfalls,  Asia is home to an awesome landscape of mountains. Exploring these on a hiking trip or gearing up to conquer the summit, whichever way you chose for your mountain expedition, you will end up besotted by the splendors of nature.

    Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

    Trekking - Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

    Probably the most favored mountains in Malaysia by trekkers for its sheer beauty and accessibility, Mount Kinabalu offers moderately easy levels of trekking and takes about two to three days to reach the peak. For first time climbers and those who do not wish for a strenuous climb all the way to the summit can opt for a trekking tour on Via Ferrata Low peak circuit. While you are here, wake up little early and witness a beautiful sunrise overlapped in clouds – it will be one of the most magical moments of your life.

    Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

    Trekking - Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

    An easygoing trekking expedition that offers spectacular natural sceneries, Tiger Leaping Gorge in China is a popular hiking destination in Asia. With sweeping mountain peaks, wilderness, impressive views of River Yangtze and home to one of the world’s deepest gorges, this nature trail is one of the most stunning sights to explore. You can complete the trek in a couple of days but it is recommended to take your own time, pause in your tracks and completely indulge in the beauty of nature unfurling in front of you.

    Ladakh Range, India

    Trekking - Ladakh Range, India

    Among India’s beautiful landscapes are the Ladakh ranges located in the north of the country. The sprawling landscapes of rough terrains, jagged cliffs set in earthy tones and valleys shrouded in grasslands offer not just trekking adventures, but also provide several biking routes. Ripchar Valley Trek, Lamayuru To Darcha Trek, Markha Valley are some of the routes you ought to explore to enjoy the sheer beauty of Ladakh’s landscapes.


    A delightful adventure for those who wish to enjoy the incredible sights of a destination with a hint of thrill, ziplining gives you the required dose of adrenaline rush to lift your spirits while exploring beautiful landscapes. Asia has many destinations offering exciting ziplining rides amid astounding views; some of which will leave you with amazing memories.

    Flight of Gibbons – Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Ziplining - Flight of Gibbons, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Zoom through Chiang Mai’s rainforests on Asia’s longest single ‘flight’ Zipline. The Flight of Gibbons tour is an exceptional experience that challenges you to zipline above a tropical forest, climb across hanging bridges and rappel nerve-wracking descents. The experience goes beyond ziplining and offers its thrilling guests to encounter Thai wildlife such as gibbons, hippos, and meerkats.

    Lake Sebu, Philippines

    Ziplining - Lake Sebu, Philippines

    Huddled amid stunning waterfalls and verdure, Lake Sebu zipline is suspended at a height of 500 feet making it one of the highest ziplining adventure in Asia. The fantastic aerial views of gushing waterfalls, tall forested areas as you glide over Lake Sebu is a one of a kind experience you will cherish forever.

    Bukit Tinggi Flying Fox, Malaysia

    Ziplining - Bukit Tinggi Flying Fox, Malaysia

    Another great spot for ziplining adventure is at Bukit Tinggi in Malaysia. Among the longest zipline trails of Asia, Bukit Tinggi lets you experience a zooming flight above 150 metres at a speed of 80 kmph. Located in the Colmar Tropicale Adventure Park, there are several activities to try such as suspended rope bridge walks and multiple ziplining experiences.

    Bungee Jumping

    Strap yourself and jump of a platform into a dizzying drop only to be yanked back several feet into the air. The feel of adrenaline surging through your body is an extraordinary experience you will be remember throughout your lifetime. Here’s where you can get some bungee jumping action in Asia.

    GMAX Reverse Bungee, Singapore

    GMAX Reverse Bungee, Singapore

    Singapore is a wonderful city bursting with manmade and natural marvels and it seems that you can attain anything that feels impossible, even your wish for sky diving and conquering your fear. Though it is not the conventional way of bungee jumping, GMAX Reverse Bungee at Clarke Quay in Singapore offers you the experience of soaring and tumbling in the air. Strap into a capsule at ground level and wait for it to catapult you into the air at a speed of 200 kmph. The rush of thrill is incredible as you are ejected into the sky on a capsule swing and plunged down only to be propelled back into the air again. Being located amid an illuminated city, the experience is enhanced further by its energetic nightlife and beautiful views of the city.

    Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

    Bungee Jumping - Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

    If you are an adventure junkie visiting Kuala Lumpur and looking for some thrill, then you are in for a surprise. Take a 15 minutes detour from the capital city and head to Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park where you can take a leap to being fearless and plunge down head first into a heart thumping vertical dive. The Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park is an integrated theme park that offers an array of activities other than bungee jumping.

    Sky Diving

    Inhale, Exhale and leap out! When you sky dive, the  feeling of soaring in the sky then plunging down to the earth and gradually landing on the surface with a triumph of being fearless is a once in a lifetime experience any extreme adventure would have on their adventure bucket list. It’s time to cross it off the list in an Asian adventure holiday.

    Pattaya, Thailand

    Sky Diving - Pattaya, Thailand
    For extreme adventures, you don’t have to travel all the way to New Zealand. One of the Asian destinations where you can fulfill your daring dream of skydiving is at Pattaya in Thailand. With hassle free procuring of Thailand visa and comparatively easy to reach destination in fewer hours, Thailand is a suitable place to experience an amazing adventure holiday. Get ready to challenge your fears as you jump out of a plane into a free fall, plummeting down to the earth and feeling the adrenaline rush and excitement of soaring like a bird. The drop zone is located 40 minutes away from Pattaya city and you get to enjoy a 20-minute scenic flight and a tandem skydiving session.

    For those moments of rebellious and outrageous decisions to do something out of your comfort zone and challenge your guts, Asia travel will give you many choices when it comes to adventure sports. Whether it’s mild adventures or extreme sports, Asian destinations will offer you so much thrill that you won’t feel like journeying into far away destinations just to experience your heart thumping twice than usual. Besides, after you are done your adrenaline-charged adventure, you can indulge in some soul stirring Asian massages and delve into lip-smacking Asian cuisine to complete your Asian holiday.

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