4 Greatest Tropical Destinations for Online Students

    Taking an online course can be a liberating experience as it allows you to study at your own pace and from anywhere you like. Many online students are taking advantage of the flexibility online courses offer to travel to exotic locales while they study. However, certain destinations clearly stand out from the rest thanks to their impressive infrastructure and relatively low living costs. Here are four tropical destinations that are prized by online students all over.

    1. Thailand (Koh Phangan Island)

    Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan is famous for its white sandy beaches. It is even more famous for its drinking parties called the Half Moon and Full Moon. Held in the town of Haad Rin, these festivals attract drunken tourists backpacking their way through Thailand.


    On the west of the island are tourist resorts and many yoga and meditation schools. Koh Phangan is a fitting destination for an online student doing a nurse practitioner doctorate degree. For one, it is cheap. You can live here on only $500-800 per month. And just as important, the Wi-Fi is fast. The best times to visit are from November through to April.

    2. Mexico (Oaxacan Coast)

    The Oaxacan coast is home to some of the best resort towns in Mexico. One such town is Mazunte. It is a mysterious town that is full of meditation retreats. Another is the beach town of Zipolite. The best town of all is Puerto Escondido. Around it are mountains, wildlife sanctuaries, and tropical jungle. Best of all, the surf in the adjacent sea is perfect for surfing. Surfers have even nicknamed it the Mexican Pipeline.


    Being free from high tourist traffic makes this coast peaceful and laid back. It is thus ideal for students taking extensive courses such as Bradley University online doctoral nursing programs.

    3. Guatemala (Lago de Atitlan)

    Lago de Atitlan is a lake nestling between three volcanoes high in the Guatemalan highlands. Its name means “at the water”. Around it, you will find coffee plantations, Mayan villages, and interestingly enough, yoga retreats. On the east of the lake is the rustic town of Panajachel which serves as the commercial center. A notable village is San Marcos de la Laguna, one of the spiritual retreats. Visitors live in glass tipped pyramids.


    On the other side of the lake is the San Pedro de la Laguna. It is notorious for its wild crowd of backpackers and expatriates looking for a good time. The lake is a nice getaway if you want to study online. It has a mild climate all year round.

    4. Indonesia (Bali Island)

    Bali Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And despite being in a Muslim country, the island’s culture and history is Hindu. It has many ancient temples, rice terraces, and tropical beaches you can visit. Just make sure to keep away from popular tourist resorts if you want some quiet. They teem with bands of drunken tourists during peak seasons.


    As an online student, you have the freedom to travel the world without compromising your studies. These destinations all have great amenities and offer a great environment for students wanting to pursue their education while abroad.

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