5 Beautiful Bellevue Neighborhoods Worth Exploring

    Bellevue is a beautiful Seattle suburb that offers visitors a picturesque escape from the bustle of the city. You’ll still enjoy easy access to Seattle attractions while luxuriating in the restful escape of this primarily residential town.

    West Bellevue: The Heart of the City



    West Bellevue is also known as downtown Bellevue or the “original Bellevue.” One of the major highlights of the area is the Meydenbauer Center, which boasts 54,000 square feet of convention space. This building is so central to the area that it has spawned the small waterfront neighborhood of Meydenbauer around it. For easy access to conventions and other special events at the center, check out the cheap Meydenbauer hotels on Other highlights of the West Bellevue area include Bellevue Downtown Park and Mercer Slough Park, both offering a refreshing space to take in the fresh air.

    Bridle Trails: An Equestrian Retreat

    As the name suggests, Bridle Trails is a horse-friendly neighborhood beloved by all those who enjoy the equestrian lifestyle. The area features ample trails and pastures where residents can ride on a regular basis. The area is very wooded, and residents here are required to accept regulations that will maintain and protect the trees on these lots. If horseback riding is on your itinerary, this is one neighborhood that you don’t want to miss. Check out this guide to hotels in the Bridle Trails neighborhood for tips on finding a room nearby.

    Crossroads: For Cultural Diversity

    Crossroads is a culturally diverse neighborhood that offers many unique shopping and dining options. The Crossroads Bellevue Shopping Center hosts live entertainment and special events. The food court features numerous ethnic options and is a local favorite for dining, socializing, and settling in to a game of chess. At Crossroads Park, visitors will find a children’s water park and nine-hole golf course for affordable family-friendly entertainment.

    East Lake Hills: A Park-Filled Retreat

    The East Lake Hills neighborhood is one of the city’s older residential areas. Filled with parks, this is a smart destination for a quiet vacation. The historic Robinswood House in Robinswood Park is the ideal spot for a destination wedding or special event. Weowna Park spans more than 80 acres and offers several trails for a day of exploring. Spiritridge Park has a stunning flower garden, trails, and a play and picnic area. Located on the far east side of Bellevue, this is a picturesque neighborhood worth visiting.

    Somerset Hill: For Perfect Views

    If you’re looking for the perfect spot to take in the view of Bellevue, Somerset Hill is it. From this vantage point, you can see across Lake Washington to Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. This destination offers unparalleled opportunities for stunning pictures, making it a must-see for any budding photographer.

    If you’re planning a visit to Bellevue, check out this handy Hipmunk city guide for tips on booking cheap Bellevue hotels. Make sure to explore these neighborhoods during your stay, and share your own experiences in the comments below.

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