Everything You Need To Know Before Taking A Trip To 12 Apostles From Melbourne

    We know you are stunned looking at the pictures of the 12 Apostles. And trust me, 12 Apostles is more attractive than those photos you are binge savoring. It comes with no surprise that 12 Apostles is the showstopper of the great ocean road.

    Thus, while planning a trip to 12 Apostles from Melbourne, you need to dig into a bit of research if you can save time from looking at the photos and fantasizing about being there. Because apart from being famous it is also crowded. And if you want to be at this gorgeous site, you need to plan it accordingly.

    But Before That, We Want You To Know More About The 12 Apostles.

    In short, 12 Apostles is all about rocks. The gigantic structures rising out of the Southern Ocean will make you feel like you are looking at something primitive. But don’t disappoint yourself thinking that you will see 12 rock pillars as the name is 12 Apostles. Because there are only 8 offset structures standing 45 meters high at some places. Over time, the rest of those structures have been broken down by the brutal wind and waves.

    How To Reach To The 12 Apostles From Melbourne?

    If you are a resident of Melbourne, trust me, you are the luckiest right now. Because the most popular way to visit the 12 Apostles passes through Melbourne. You will enjoy an incredibly scenic driving experience during your 12 Apostles trip from Melbourne. It might take you four to five hours but trust me, the trip is worth it. While coming back to Melbourne, the time can be saved a little if you take the inland route along the Princes Highway.

    OK, now let us tell you how much time you must consider for a trip to the 12 Apostles. It’s pretty possible to look at and admire the structure all in one day. Is it? Oh yes! But if you become petrified looking at the beauty, even a century will be less. We highly recommend you plan for more than a day to drive the road and reach the destination. The reason is we don’t want you to miss the other things in the area apart from the 12 Apostles.

    The route of the 12 Apostles is mainly known as the great ocean road and is considered among the most beautiful drives in the world.

    Does It Take Any Fee To Enter 12 Apostles?

    No, not every beautiful thing is pricey. And visiting the 12 Apostles is entirely free. Well, we know it’s hard to believe. But the cherry on the top is even the large parking lot is free to use. We know you cannot believe your eyes, but you can indeed see something this beautiful without paying a single penny.

    What Is The Best Season To Visit 12 Apostles?

    Every year the popularity of the 12 Apostles rises. And all thanks go to the Instagram influencers. Though with time, more pillars have fallen into the ocean, the beauty of this place is intact. Well, it is hard to tell you a low season and, in fact, a low time of the day as 12 Apostles is never visitor-free.

    But you can play smart and give your best shot to experience looking at this beautiful place when less crowded. If you are an early morning person, Voila! You got it. But if you are not, you need to compromise a little weightier sleeping hours and wake up extremely early to arrive at the place before sunrise.

    Though the parking lot is free, you cannot do anything if huge tour buses arrive, and the crowds descend. But as many other travelers will read this blog, I don’t think it will be completely alone visiting 12 Apostles ever.

    We also recommend beholding the beauty of sunset at 12 Apostles. The view is gorgeous.

    Well, we think this is enough information for your first trip to the 12 Apostles. If you want to spend a day staying in nearby hotels, you will get many options. Apparently, other attractions near the 12 Apostles include the Loch Ard Gorge, the Grotto, etc. No matter what you choose to do, you are going to have a beautiful time for sure.

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