5 Quick Tips for Summer a Holiday Planning

    Hurray! Hurray! It’s a summer holiday. Freedom from school for your children is nearly here, or might already be here for some. You may be planning a vacation or even a staycation. Regardless, a little bit of planning can really help you get the most out of your summer holiday.

    We’ve got 5 quick tips for summer holiday planning that will help you enjoy those long summer days as a family.

    #1 Create a Summer Holiday Planner

    This could be a good way to get your summer holiday off to a great start. Creating a planner for those 6 or more weeks doesn’t just help you prepare for planned activities and outings. By visualising what you’ll be doing gives everyone something to look forward to and gives the holiday period a sense of purpose and direction.

    What’s more, you can turn making the planner into an activity itself. Get your kids to decorate it and write in the planned events and activities. You can even get them to make their own personalised copies for their room. This will get things off to a fun and creative start.

    #2 Use Technology to Help You Plan

    Even if you don’t feel you have too broad a smorgasbord of activities and outings planned, you may need to make to-do lists, checklists, and even shopping lists to make sure your planned summer holiday activities go off without any drama.

    This is where app can really help.

    You might find a variety of different apps good for various individual tasks. But a single app, such as a good shopping list app, can be flexible enough to do all these things within the same application. What’s more, functions like sharing can help when friends and families are involved.

    #3 Check Offers Very Carefully

    There are plenty of attractions willing to accommodate families during the summer period, and you’ll probably find umpteen promotions and offers for these. And why not partake? If you can avoid paying full price, then go for it!

    But beware that sometimes these offers have certain restrictions, such as limits on the number of people eligible, or even only being valid on certain days. These T&Cs should definitely be checked and taken into consideration when planning your summer holiday. This will avoid any nasty surprises and disappointments when you rock up to where you want to visit.

    #4 Have Rainy Day Activities Planned

    It really goes without saying that summer weather can be unpredictable, and sometimes a little disappointing. Therefore, it’s always good to have a back-up in case the heavens decide to put a dampener on any outdoor plans. Hopefully, you won’t have to rely on these, but having some indoor activities at the ready will make sure that rain doesn’t spoil the summer fun.

    #5 Eat Well and Healthily

    Summer is the perfect time to eat more healthy fruit and vegetables, and maybe even dabble a little in vegetarianism! There is plenty of produce that is in season and is just begging to be eaten. There’s never a better time to include more fresh produce and fewer snacks and sweets in your family’s diets.


    Because it will keep energy levels and mood up.

    Eating more greens will not only keep you healthy but also feeling less hungry because of the fiber in them making you feel full. Beans and pulses are excellent for this, as they’re also full of protein that enhances that full-feeling effect.

    Avoid sweets as they will often give you and your children a rush of sugar-induced hyperactivity. Afterward, you’ll only for you to crash and burn in a low-energy slump. This is not great for getting involved in physical and fun activities. So, eat plenty of fresh fruit instead to satisfy those sweet urges.

    Lastly, fruit and veg that are in season doesn’t just mean they’re at their tastiest. They’re also at their cheapest. The abundance of locally available goods lowers transportation costs, which is passed onto shoppers at the supermarket.

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