5 Tempting Caribbean Beaches to Watch out For

    Beaches with their lengthy sand dunes, shady trees along the coast and with the ever roaring sea offer the best antidote for a hectic life. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets that usher up many romantic thoughts can be felt more on a beach shore than in any other place. If you are willing to run away from the routine life into some fairytale land, nothing suits better than a Caribbean beach.

    Here are the 5 tempting beaches along the coastal lines of Caribbean islands that offer you the most needed solace:

    Turks & Caicos

    Magnificent coral reefs, hard conch shells, perfect cool weather and the sparkling seas with shores filled white sand fills the panoramic picture of Turns & Caicos. This coastal town has picked up its commercial value quite recently but the development around the sea is awesome. This beach has a historic touch as Christopher Columbus anchored his ship during his historic voyage. You can also witness the world’s largest coral reef systems here.

    Grand Turk beach, Turks and Caicos Islands
    Turks & Caicoscosmo-girl / Travel Photos / CC BY-NC-ND


    Anguilla is quite different from rest of the Caribbean coastal towns. This town strictly observes a ban on cruise ships, towering hotels, and casinos for deep pocketed people. The days here are pretty calm, long and quiet. But the nights would come back to life with foot tapping music and fine dining.

    Anguilla beach
    AnguillaAnguillaGirl / / CC BY

    Cayman Islands

    Diving and rum punches are the best descriptions for Cayman Islands’ special tourist attraction and lifestyle. The two centuries old Mastic Trail awaits the honeymooners to flock the paths while the parents storm Stingray City’s swimming pools with kids. Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands, hosts a spree of resorts and restaurants who offer all-inclusive packages to the tourists. These islands attract the adventurists and nature lovers alike and the tourist facilities are just amazing.

    Beach, George Town, Grand Cayman
    Cayman Islands BeachesFevi Yu / / CC BY


    You won’t forget the mysterious Bermuda triangle fable, right? And you would never feel bored wearing ‘Bermuda’, right?

    Apart from these mysterious and world famous dress materials, Bermuda also boasts beautiful coastal line alongside the Atlantic sea. Spa treatments and cozy afternoons in a golf course and stretching a bit on the pink colored sands of the beaches are what you love to do at Bermuda. For history lovers, there is Bermuda Maritime Museum that offers great insight into the naval history. From here you can hop to Puerto Rico if you wish.

    Bermuda Beach
    Bermuda BeachJohnny Peacock / Health Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

    St. Martin, St. Maarten

    Come to the dual-country controlled, peculiar island called St. Martin – St. Maarten.

    St. Martin, the northern part of the island is under the control of the French while St. Maarten, the southern part is controlled by the Netherlands. The northern part is known for its exotic beaches, finest hotels that offer tasty food and hard partying. And the southern part is more cosmopolitan and boasts on the casinos, bars and nightclubs. The most relaxing part of the vacation here is the hassle-free passing between these two sides of the island. Frequent travelers prefer to soak in the warm sunrays on Dutch side and then slowly stroll towards the French side in afternoons to trek on the mountains.

    St. Maarten beach
    St. Martin, St. Maarten BeachesToddonFlickr / / CC BY

    Sometimes it is well worth having a stop off at your cruise destination, therefore consider a quick holiday in the Caribbean from

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