5 Tips For Smokers While Travelling

    Almost everyone will agree that traveling is an exciting activity. The experiences, new environments, exposure, and excitement that comes with it are enough to fascinate most people. Travelers are also aware of the inconveniences that sometimes occur on a trip. There are long trips that leave you jet-lagged by the time you reach your destination.

    Also, there’s the struggle of figuring out where to go and what to do in an unfamiliar environment. For smokers, there could be and often are other discomforts and struggles. Common among these are restrictions that would test your tolerance and endurance.

    So, here are five tips that smokers in cannabis canada and other parts of the world can use for better traveling experiences.

    Pack a Smell Neutralizer

    One thing to prevent is to have cannabis lingering on your clothing. A good impression is vital, especially in an unfamiliar environment. It partly depends on how you smell. Hence, your look must match your smell.

    Although it is legal in many countries, there are still uncertainties if you’re pulled over by the police, especially when smelling of cannabis. It sometimes leads to unnecessary questioning, which you want to avoid. There are many online sites where you could get odor neutralizers at affordable prices.

    Know the Smoking Policy of Your Accommodations

    Indeed, it can be vexing to see the ‘no-smoking’ signs on your hotel room walls and doors. You’ll want to abide by these regulations as many places will make you pay a hefty fine if smoking a joint. An alternative is to reserve a smoking room if it’s available. If not, the best course of action, in most cases, is abstinence.

    We live in a time where staying in a hotel or motel is not exactly necessary. Airbnb and other hosting apps are available, allowing you to stay in rented apartments or with hosts. You could enquire about their smoking policies before you book. With the number of places available, chances are you will find a suitable place for your needs.

    Get a Hard Case

    When traveling, you want to preserve your flowers, joints, and rolls. Keeping them in places where you can squash them easily wouldn’t be ideal. So, buy a portable hard case where you can keep all your goodies safe and secure.

    Many of them still keep the natural elements of your package in place, and it’s possible to have it by your side at all times without giving away the fact that you have a stash. Learn to keep your herbs out of sight. In an unfamiliar environment, flaunting your weed could draw unwanted attention.

    Keep Your Weed and Herbs Away From Documents

    Although some people wouldn’t mind, it is still generally necessary to keep your stash away from essential papers. You most probably wouldn’t want your insurance, passport, and other documents smelling like marijuana. If your country hasn’t legalized weed, you might have a problem.

    In countries or regions where it is not legal, it will arouse suspicion. If you are unlucky, you could end up getting deported. So, separate your stash from your documents.

    Read about the Local Laws

    Knowing what the law says about smoking at your destination is vital. In a foreign place, you do not want to make mistakes that could have serious legal consequences. Find out as much as you can about the local laws and how people feel about smoking.

    At a destination where it isn’t legal, the best thing to do is don’t test the local authorities. It can cause you to get banned from the country altogether. You would not want to ruin your trip by breaking any laws. You can do that by respecting the places you plan to visit.


    Travelling can be fun, and smoking among beautiful scenery can make a trip that much more worthwhile. Remember, not every country is tolerant of smoking herbs. To make your trip exciting and worry-free, follow these five tips while on the road.

    It is imperative to have fun and make the most of your vacation. Also, you can share some suggestions that worked for you in the comments below.

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