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    Finding rental apartments during holidays is an uphill task. Holidays are a time to spend with family, and friends, enjoying and relaxing rather than hunting for good apartments for your stay. But do not be worried as we have for you the best rental apartments in Meribel. So be ready to enjoy the true beauty of the French country in Alps. An apartment rental in Meribel and an apartment rental at Meribel Mottaret is always great experience. Keep on reading!

    At the terrestrial center of the Three Valleys ski area, we have Méribel which is not only a village that blends perfectly into a tree-covered, and fully canopied landscape but also a place that will deliver you with a friendly atmosphere. Constructed on the side of the mountains, it enjoys the exuberance of sunshine falling on it every day. The village is fairly spread out and is composed of a great many number of various neighborhoods. It offers very well service of abundant free shuttle buses. Some neighborhoods are available on skis too.

    Méribel is a perfect location for those who like to have everything at their disposal be it day or night. In this regard Meribel offers

    1. tourist office
    2. cinema
    3. swimming pool
    4. well-being centre
    5. boutiques
    6. bars
    7. restaurants
    8. discothèques

    and much more.

    At the higher area and at a distance approximately a stone’s throw from the hyper main area lies the Chaudanne neighborhood with its exceptionally well-known Olympic Park. This is the place where the inordinate sporting and festive events of the valley are held.

    If you are interested in buying property in Méribel you can always visit and look at our selection of apartments and chalets for sale. As an expert as well as a key player in mountain property, for about 2 years GSI has had a second agency in the Méribel valley. At the main area of the resort and at the most rudimentary of levels of Méribel’s property business! You can conveniently contact our consultant and share your plans. Also we suggest looking at our selection of property for sale in the Méribel Valley.

    If you would like to spend your holiday in Méribel you can have a look at our apartments which we claim to be the best of the best for rent in the entire Meribel. Chalet living at the center of the biggest ski area in the world is both pleasurable and adventurous. This is a huge advantage offered by our apartments and chalets that have accessibility for rental. We have a great variety too in this regard. From studios to chalets for 10 people, from standard to luxury we have it all. You can always have a look at our selection and contact our teams. Our customer support will help you find the accommodation that best suits your demands and likings. Remember we are only a call away

    Méribel-Mottaret’s gorgeous-looking standardized architecture encompasses chalet-style apartment buildings which blend beautifully into the natural landscape of the French countryside. Located at the top of the Méribel Valley, the village of Méribel-Mottaret provides supreme admittance to the 600 km of ski pistes in the 3 Valleys. With its welcoming hamlet and mountain apartment buildings at the base of the pistes, Méribel-Mottaret is a perfect location for families interested in skiing.

    You should Come and take a look for yourself at our entire range of apartments and chalets for sale. As a professional and a significant player in mountain property, we as an agency have been an essential part of Méribel Mottaret’s property business as we have been here for more than two decades now. Its all very simple

    Step 1: Contact our consultant

    Step 2: Share your plans

    And you got it!

    Leaving your lodging on skis in order to find yourself straight on the pistes is an unparalleled advantage presented by our rental apartments. More than 200 apartments are available. From studios for 2 to 5-room apartments sleeping 10, almost all are accessible on skis. If you need help in making a choice for your accommodation, contact our customer support teams who will advise you in deciding the apartment that is well suited for you!


    We guarantee property buying through the following:

    1. GSI Immobilier
    2. Public Limited Company with a share capital of 500,000€.

    This company has a registered office that is located at 22 Square de la Liberté 73600 MOUTIERS and has registration under the Company Number 333 999 365 in the Chambéry business register which was represented by Monsieur Jean Jacques BOTTA in all his capacity as a chairman.

    We are holders of professional license numbers i.e. CPI73012016000005545. It was issued on 29 March 2016 by the Savoie Chamber of Commerce and Industry which is located at 5 rue Salteur 73000 Chambéry.

    Moreover, we are members of the National Property Federation (FNAIM), with the professional capacity of Estate Agent – Property Administrator obtained in France the activity of which is governed by law no 70-9 of 2 January 1970 (known as the “Hoguet law”) with its application decree no 72 678 of 20 July 1972. This can be accessed in French on and subjected to the ethics code of the FNAIM integrating the guidelines of ethics recognized by decree no 2015 1090 of 28 August.

    From all this discussion it would not be wrong to say that our company offers the best rental apartments for your memorable holidays. Come and see for yourself for it would definitely be an experience of a lifetime.

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