5 Ways to Plan a Luxury Trip to London

    Despite considerable regeneration throughout the UK in recent times, London remains the nation’s primary metropolis. This is backed up by growth statistics and the sheer amount that is invested into London real estate from overseas, with wealthy Chinese investors currently looking to increase their cumulative stake holding within the English capital. This is contributing to the proliferation of holiday homes in London, and drawing tourists from all around the world.

    Luxury Trip to London
    Luxury Trip to London

    The capital city is therefore the perfect place to take a short break. Bustling, vibrant and filled with hundreds of entertainment options, London offers a diverse and exciting holiday. Whether you’re loved up, going away with friends or hoping for a fun family experience, adding luxurious elements will make your London trip special and memorable. This requires careful planning and forward thinking, however, as otherwise it is all too easy to become lost in London’s winding streets and bustling crowds.

    How to plan a Luxury London Excursion in 5 Easy Steps

    With this in mind, what practical ideas can help you to create a fun, enjoyable and ultimately viable itinerary for your London trip?

    Consider the following suggestions: 

    Bask in Luxury at a Plush Hotel

    When you’ve had a long day seeing the sights or are weighed down with too many shopping bags, there is nothing better than being greeted by a lavish hotel suite – Rosewood Hotels are a perfect choice. Recline on the sofa as you listen to music through the suite’s docking station, drink from your own personal bar and coffee machine, and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in a king-size bed. There’s also a butler service to cater to your every need.

    Partake in Afternoon Tea

    Perhaps one of the most famous British institutions, high tea in London is a luxury event. There are a vast number of parlours, cafes and brasseries offering afternoon tea, where you can indulge in finger sandwiches, pastries and cakes. There are many London afternoon tea venues to choose from, including a Japanese garden, an orangery and department stores.

    Hire a Chauffeur Driven Car

    Forget hectic tubes and buses and choose a more luxurious form of travel: a chauffeur driven car. Feel like royalty as you travel in comfort and style as you are escorted and swiftly collected from place to place. As a bonus, you can take advantage of your driver’s knowledge of the city and ask for your own private tour of London’s famous landmarks.

    Be Pampered at a Spa

    One of the best ways to relax and feel spoilt is by unwinding at a luxury spa. With hectic work schedules and busy family life, just dedicating any time to yourself should be considered as a genuine luxury. So while you’re in London, enjoy a day that’s solely about you. Enjoy beauty treatments, massages and time in the sauna for a luxury trip that you’ll never forget.

    Visit Celebrity Hotspots

    London is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of celebrities. What says a luxury getaway more than spending time amongst A list actors and platinum musicians? Whether you’re looking for fine dining, a vibrant bar or a night at the theatre, you can hope to grab an autograph or take a selfie with the rich and famous at these London celebrity hotspots.

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