What to Expect From a Luxury Cruise

    As a global concern, the cruise industry is continuing to grow exponentially. It is even outperforming other niche areas of the holiday sector, in regions such as Scandinavia, Europe and Oceania. In New Zealand, for example, it is estimated that the cruise boat industry will add $543 million to the economy by the end of 2015, which in turn would represent a dramatic increase on the $436 generated during 2014.

    Luxury Cruise
    Luxury Cruise

    This should come as no surprise, especially when you consider the global appeal of cruising, its increased diversity and popularity across a wide range of social demographics. Going on a cruise for your annual holiday is one of the most relaxing ways to see the world and unwind at the same time. With your travel and accommodation all sorted out, a range of entertainment, food and drink options at your disposal and (hopefully) surrounded by glorious weather, what could be more perfect?

    What should you expect from a Luxury Cruise?

    Step forward luxury cruises, which notch everything up a level and truly provide the finest way to travel the globe. If you’ve got a special anniversary coming up or really want to splash out on a holiday this year then a luxury cruise provides everything you could desire. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key things what you can expect from a luxury cruise holiday: –

    Fantastic Accommodation

    All cruise ships feature decent accommodation but the advantage of luxury ships is that most are usually en-suite and the majority have ocean views. Wake up to a superb sea scene like nothing else and really enjoy the morning sunshine or evening sunset from your own personal balcony. They always include features such as the best toiletries from well-known brands, flat screen TVs and mountains of space to spread out in as well, so there is ample opportunity to relax in luxurious surroundings.

    Top Quality Service

    With a crew to guest ratio of 1:2 on Planet Cruise celebrity cruises and other similar luxury providers, expect a highly personal service. The crew know you’ve paid more for the experience so will be willing to provide the finest service you could imagine. All the crew are thoroughly trained and with such a small number of guests will quickly learn your name. From room service to small tasks such as moving luggage, they’ll be happy to help with anything.

    Excellent Facilities

    As you’d expect, all the finest drinking and dining options will be available. Even though you’re miles out at sea don’t be surprised to find extensive menus and maître d’s willing to accommodate your every request. On many cruises there are certain gratuities too, with guests not expected to tip and free alcoholic beverages. Clean and perfectly warmed swimming pools, gyms, cinemas and more will be found aboard any luxury cruise too, meaning that there are entertainment options to suit various tastes.

    Wonderful Destinations

    If you’re hoping for a few days in Magaluf then prepare to be disappointed. Luxury cruises only go to some of the classiest and most exotic destinations, with varied and unique itineraries when onshore to further tempt you. Short excursions led by local experts and the smaller ships mean they can stop off in quieter ports to create a truly special trip. Whatever you’re expecting from a luxury cruise you’re sure to be blown away, whether you choose to complete an eight day tour of the Nile in Egypt or enjoy a bracing journey throughout the waterways of Norway.

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