6 Desert Safaris You Must Try in Dubai

    Dubai is the land of desert safaris. Full of adventure and fun, a desert safari experience is always guaranteed to send your adrenaline rushing. It’s no wonder both locals and tourists like heading to the sand dunes to partake of this unforgettable experience.

    During a Dubai desert safari, you can enjoy several activities. These include camel rides, dune bashing and sand boarding. In some packages, you get to watch live entertainments shows as well. For instance, you can watch some of the region’s best dancers perform belly dancing while you are enjoying delectable Arabian cuisine.

    Here are six desert safari packages to choose from if you visit Dubai:

    • Camel Safari

    The camel safari is probably the famous desert safari in Dubai. Besides, there is no other place to ride a camel while in the desert than in Dubai. Get to experience how people from five decades ago transported people and goods from one part of the desert to another.

    The camel safari will take you on a tour of the desert’s unexplored side. It usually lasts for 45 minutes.

    And you need not be worried about how these animals are cared for. Camels are highly valued, well-fed and are taken care of without any form of mistreatment.

    • Hummer Desert Safari

    In a Hummer desert safari, you’ll explore the desert riding a Hummer H2. Though this is quite expensive, the price is worth it. Riding a Hummer H2 gives a completely new meaning to the term “dune bashing.”

    A sample itinerary may include the following:

    ●       Enjoy a light but sumptuous dinner at the JA Al Sahra Desert Resort.

    ●       Leave the resort after dinner so you’ll reach the campsite at around three or four.

    ●       Once you reach the site, go dune bashing in a hardy Hummer H2.

    This is an enticing experience because the vehicle climbs the heights of the sand dunes, crashing down the different slopes with all its speed. So make sure you haven’t eaten a heavy meal before going on this ride, and hold on to your seat!

    ●       Try different desert activities like sand boarding, a camel ride and desert driving.

    ●       Get to witness a magical view in the desert as the sun sets.

    • Night Safari

    A night safari in Dubai is also one of the most sought-after activities there. This is a path through which you can witness the locals’ way of living. If you are a nature lover, this is an activity you must not miss, and a trusted expert guide will accompany you throughout the whole adventure.

    Highlights of this safari include the safari jeeps taking you through the sandy slopes and hills. You’ll definitely be awestruck by the scenic views of the entire region!

    • Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari

    There is no better way to explore the desert than on an incredible hot air balloon ride. This is the best way for you to appreciate the emerald green desert springs, the sea of sand hills, meandering camels, gazelles and the oryx.

    Moreover, you get to witness the amazing dawn with the picturesque view of the great Hajar Mountains of Oman and the whole region.

    • Private Night Safari

    Dubai is known to offer the best night activities. Once the sun sets, prepare yourself for a delightful night safari. Most likely, you will also see various nocturnal species during this trip.

    Get to enjoy impressive telescope views of the hypnotic, stunning night sky decked with lots of stars in a one-of-a-kind stargazing experience. You will be provided with headlamps and night vision binoculars to enjoy the spectacular views even in darkness.

    • Morning Desert Safari

    If you think that exploring the desert at night is amazing, wait until you go for the morning desert safari!

    You should head to the desert at around nine in the morning so you can get back to your hotel by lunch. This way, you won’t feel the extremely hot temperatures, especially during summer.

    Activities you can enjoy in this safari include dune bashing, quad biking, sand skiing and camel riding. If you are traveling alone, consider looking for a group that you can team up with since most of these activities require a minimum of two people to get started.

    Dubai is renowned for its ultra-smooth desert sand that stretches like an unending sea, and the must-do things in this emirate are innumerable. In fact, privately guided customized tours are always available so you get to see the best of Dubai even on a short stay.

    But a Dubai trip is never complete without a desert safari experience. It isn’t just about the thrilling, adventurous rides on the sand dunes because there’s so much more to it. And you’ll be happy to note that desert safaris in Dubai are affordable so be sure to include one (or more!) in your itinerary in your upcoming Dubai adventure.

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