Check out what it is worth to see in Rome only in 3 days!

    It would be easy to spend several weeks in the Eternal City and still not experience all of the amazing culture and wide history which this capital city can offer. Average tourist have only a couple of days to see the wonders of this city. Here is my short story how I spent my city break in this beautiful city.

    Rome is a city like no other, In my travel career I visited more than 30 huge cities, I had the chance to explore places like a New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, or New Delhi but this city is special.


    Every travel is different but the most important thing is avoiding unforeseen events so I don’t  rush And I prepared my travel carefully It is really important especially when I have only 3 days to explore the place.

    During my trips I usually try to book everything in advance, it was no different now. Couple weeks before my trip I found the cheap flight, of course, I used reliable After I found the best option for the flight I have nothing left to book a hotel. Of course the choice of places I could stay was huge, unfortunately, my budget wasn’t, so I can not effort for the five-star hotel. I Decided to choose, maybe not the most luxurious hotel but placed in the center in the capital city hotel papagermano Of course, I have some different and more luxury options, for example, but this hotel is placed on the suburbs of Rome. This option can be good for people who have more than 3 days for travel but not for me

    After booking my hotel I take care about the transfer from and to the airport. In this case, I use They are providing the best quality transfers for the travelers and business trips. Now probably you are wondering why I used this kind of transport rather than regular taxi or bus. First of all, I have dozens of travels behind me, most of them were pretty successful but a couple of times I was cheated by taxi drivers. When I come to the city usually I don’t know the city very well, drivers know that and they are going around the city, after that they demand huge fees. Now I’m using Quicktransfer and I have everything booked in advance and I have a guarantee of unchanging price. After booking my transfer I have settled almost everything, there was nothing left than packing my suitcase and prepare for an amazing trip.

    Rome Day 1


    The first rule in this kind of trips sound: don’t be lazy! Don’t waste your time, wake up early in the morning, Of course, I have followed this rule and I visited St. Peter’s Basilica which opens at 7 am I saw amazing Michaelangelo’s Pieta and admired other sights inside, tour tombs of popes under the basilica. After this quick tour, I climbed on the basilica’s dome for a quick sweep of the city across the river. After that, I  followed St. Peter’s Square and got the entrance to the world-famous Vatican Museum. The rest of the morning I spent on a quick walk through Pinacoteca gallery.

    Afternoon and evening

    By the afternoon started making my way south to the medieval Trastevere district. As soon as I get into Trastevere in via Della lungara I  pass the Galleria d’Arte Antica-Palazzo Corsini, and amazing villa farnesina on the left. In the Trastevere I don’t rush I made a couple of rounds of his famous churches – Santa Cecilia and Santa Maria in Trastevere. The rest of the day I spent on tangling to narrow alleyways. Of course, I found an excellent dinner at armandoalpantheon and relaxed after a long day. It won’t be difficult to find a cozy restaurant. Trastevere have the highest concentrations of the restaurant in Rome.

    Rome Day 2

    Morning and afternoon

    If you thought that my last day was long you are wrong. The second day of my trip will be even longer! Of course Today  I have to wake up early too. I went to the subway – that will be the best way to reach my destination place I taught. This day I was visiting the most recognizable monument of the Eternal City – The Colosseum. And now watch out just to save maybe a couple of hours. When you will be at Rome take right from the station and walk over to the ticket counter at the base of Palentine Hill. When you have your ticket get in line to enter the Colosseum. There will be one (really long) queue for the people who need to buy a ticket, and the another one who already have a ticket. I  spent an unforgettable hour exploring the interior of the Colosseum. Of course, i didn’t  forget to spend some time peeking through the arches on the second floor because there are some amazing views from up there. After this journey I was really thirsty, so  I filled up my bottle at the spigot near the exit. After that, I went to the Palatine Hill and the Forum. I went up towards Palatine Hill which is an amazing area to explore and the views from the hill are breathtaking.


    When I did the exploring the hill I went left on your walk back down and I saw a path which leads me to a series of staircases. In this place, I found the best views of the Forum below, ideal for capturing the scene. You have to know that it is really easy to spend a whole month in Rome and not experience all of the historical and food aspects of this city, but when we are talking about food… It’s time to seek out some dinner.

    Rome Day 3


    It will be another busy day – taught so kept my energy boosted and started my day in the local cafe tazzadoro drinking espresso and eating gelato. Of course, in Rome we have hundreds of places but, in my opinion, the best comes from San Crispino, near the Trevi Fountain. Remember to check this place out! You should also know the legend: when you are close the Trevi Fountain throw a coin into the fountain to promise the city you return someday.


    When I was in this part of the city I don’t forget to visit Pantheon, Spanish Steps, the National french church of San Luigi dei Francesi and Navona Square. I have another advice for you! Remember that if you want to enter the churches you should be dressed appropriately so avoid wearing shorts and uncovered shoulders.

    That was my last day in this amazing city, of course, I have not visited all the sights of the city, but I followed my own directions and I throw a coin into Trevi Fountain so I’m sure that it will not be the last time when I visited the city.

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