7 Things You Didn’t Know About Wisconsin

    There are a lot of states that sound like great vacation spots, but how many people consider spending their summer in Wisconsin? You’d be surprised at how many cool things this state has to offer.

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    Here are seven facts you didn’t know about Wisconsin.

    It’s the Badger State

    Every state has its own nickname, like the Sunshine State (Florida) or the Hoosier State (Indiana). In Wisconsin’s earlier days, miners used to live in tunnels that they dug. This strange behavior reminded people of badgers, which tourists can spot throughout the state’s grasslands. Over a hundred years later, the state has memorialized those weird miners through its nickname.

    It’s the Dairy Capital of the United States

    You were probably already aware of Wisconsin’s famous cheeses, but did you know that the state’s dairy farms produce about 15% of the country’s milk? There are more cows in Wisconsin than in any other state—no wonder it’s often referred to as America’s Dairyland. Anyone who loves a tall glass of milk would be in heaven here.

    It’s the Home of the World’s Biggest Dinosaur Skull

    Did you ever wonder if dinosaurs used to roam across America? Though these creatures have long since gone extinct, you can view the massive cranium of a dinosaur in the Milwaukee Public Museum. People interested in natural history, anthropology, and archeology would definitely have a great time exploring the museum’s many exhibits.

    Harry Houdini Claimed to Have Been Born There

    Although many celebrities boast backgrounds in fabulous cities like Los Angeles or New York City, there are quite a few famous folks who were happy to call the Badger State their home. The famous magician actually hailed from Hungary, but after moving to the small town of Appleton he decided he’d rather have been born in Wisconsin. Other famous Wisconsinites include Gene Wilder, Liberace, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Danica Patrick. Why don’t you check out the town where you favorite Wisconsin celebrity grew up?

    Milwaukee is Known as Beer Town

    With a baseball team known as the Brewers, it’s pretty obvious that Milwaukee is world famous for its beer. Aficionados of the beverage should definitely visit the city just to experience one of its many beer factory tours. Don’t forget to pick up your Milwaukee Brewers tickets while you’re there!

    It’s the Home State of Barbie

    Speaking of Wisconsin celebrities, there are perhaps none more famous than Barbie. The favorite doll of millions of girls across the globe is said to hail from Willows, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to visit Barbie’s hometown on your Wisconsin trip—the town is purely fictional.

    Green Bay: Toilet Paper Capital of the World

    Don’t start coming up with toilet humor jokes just yet. The city of Green Bay just happens to be the headquarters of two of the biggest toilet paper producers in the world. If there’s ever a shortage of the precious bathroom tissue, maybe Wisconsin should be the first place you look for it.

    How many facts do you know about Wisconsin? Maybe it’s high time you paid a visit to this gorgeous midwestern state to enjoy everything you’ll only find in Wisconsin.


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