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    Hotel Safety
    Hotel Safety

    Whether you are on a short break, a business trip or a family holiday it is important to be aware of your surroundings and safety aware. This is even more important if you are in a foreign country or somewhere that is new to you. Pick pockets and thieves target tourists because they are relaxed and somewhat switched off and also because they are in a strange place. I worked in my hometown in Dublin city hotels as well as European city hotels and American hotels so I was in a position where I was both a tourist and tourism worker at the same time.

    Travelers that are aware and alert when in an unfamiliar location will see their hotel and hotel room as a temporary home that is safe and secure. In the majority of situations this is true, however it is still important to take a few small steps which can help keep you and your possessions safe.

    My Tips

    Before You Book Your Hotel: Before you book a hotel, whether it is located in the country you live in or in a foreign country, you should always research the area the hotel is located in to ensure that it is a safe part of town. For example if you are looking for a hotel in Dublin city centre and you want to be in the upmarket Grafton Street area, search Google for ‘Grafton Street hotels’ to get more specific results. If the hotel’s safety and security features are not visible on their website do not be shy about contacting them to be informed. For example, do they have secure parking, security boxes in the rooms, room door peepholes, fire alarms and sprinklers? The internet offers travellers an insight into what a hotel is like through review websites such as so use these resources for research. Always make copies of your travel documents, passports etc. before you travel, if any of these items are lost or stolen you will have all the information you need at hand.

    Arriving At Your Hotel: When you arrive at your hotel you will probably be tired after travelling but you should not switch off. While you are checking in or waiting in public areas of the hotel always keep your luggage in close possession, these are prime locations for thieves to work. If possible you should try to get yourself a room not located on the ground floor; these are the most easily accessible rooms in any hotel. Never leave your passport or credit card with hotel staff at reception. If they need any of this documentation you can instruct them to make a copy of it and to return it to you immediately.

    When You Reach Your Room: When you arrive at your hotel room you need to ensure that all the security features within the room are working properly, such as the door and widow locks and the security box. When you are in the hotel room you should always use the dead bolt lock and peephole, that is what they are there for. Make yourself familiar with the location of the nearest fire exits and stairways from your room; this can be invaluable in an emergency situation.

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