A Guide to Backpacking in Australia

    Australia is an extremely popular backpacking destination but due to its large size it can be challenging to see and do everything that you want to. Other difficulties you might face are running out of money before you have seen enough, and the often hot temperatures the country experiences in summer, combined with the numerous dangerous animals that live there, also make travelling Australia a difficult choice.

    Backpacking in Australia
    Backpacking in Australiarileyroxx / Travel Photos / CC BY

    However, with some good planning you can successfully backpack down under while having a fantastic time while doing so.


    Staying in backpacker hostels is a great way to save money as they are inexpensive and are pretty much everywhere. These hostels are also a good way to collect information about different destinations and activities to do that you might not have considered. The hostels also offer some excellent backpacker deals which can help you see more of Australia for less, than if you tried to do it alone.


    Unlike countries in Europe or America, Australia has places that are so isolated that you can travel for hundreds of miles before you come across another town or city. Most backpackers travel up or down along the east coast where there are plenty of places to visit along the way and this makes it much easier than backpacking through the middle of the country.

    Australia Backpacking Guide
    Australia Backpacking Guideyewenyi / Water Photos / CC BY-NC

    The easiest route would be to backpack from Queensland in the north down to Victoria in the south stopping at the various sites and attractions along the way. After arriving at Victoria you have the option of extending your trip by visiting Tasmania which is a brilliant experience in itself.

    Travelling by train is not a widely used mode of transport in Australia due to its poor standards, and most people take cars and buses instead. Buses are frequent, reliable and cost effective which is handy for those backpackers on a tight budget, although some journey’s can take 10 to 20 hours depending on your destination. Those who are not seasoned travellers may not be able to cope as well with the long travel times.

    Australia Backpacking Tips
    Australia Backpacking TipsSnork Maiden / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

    Hiring a car is a great option for backpackers and many of them form groups who then go on to share the costs of purchasing or renting and paying for fuel. Flights can generally be quite cheap so be sure to check out for some good deals.

    Taking Care of Yourself

    Even if you are on a small budget, hitchhiking is generally illegal or frowned upon, not to mention dangerous. There have been many cases of tourists not returning after hitchhiking in the outback and several high profile murders of backpackers doing it in the cities, so while you may do it at your own risk, it is best to avoid.

    If you have hired a car to drive around Australia be aware of the various dangers that come with it. Kangaroos are one to watch out for on the roads and they are the country’s equivalent of a moose or deer in Europe. Also be aware of drink driving as it is a problem in the country.

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