A Perfect Family Vacation in Vancouver: List of Winners

    Family Vacation in VancouverThinking about your family summer vacation? Choosing the exact destination is not so difficult. To make this year unforgettable choose Vancouver Island as a destination for your entire family. Vancouver is full of entertaining sites at a reasonable cost, important factors for a successful family vacation. Vancouver City is also perfect for families looking for adventurous and open-air attractions, together with the famous Granville Island Market for kids, favorite Stanley Park, and Water Park among others. Vancouver is enclosed by beaches and mountains. Vancouver is nicknamed “North Hollywood”, due to its stylish environment, high fashion boutiques and affection for healthy eating.  Numerous television programs and many popular pictures like The Twilight Saga, Eclipse, Battlestar Galactica, etc., are filmed in Vancouver.

    Before you start bear in mind…

    • Take comfortable shoes –Vancouver is best for walking. Leave the car and discover the beauty of Vancouver on foot.
    • Utilize an ATM –The Canadian and U.S. dollars are more or less equivalent; you can withdraw your money from an ATM instead of using money exchanges.
    • Be careful with your valuables –Even though Vancouver is comparatively safe, theft can take place. So that keeps an alert eye on your valuables.

    The sunny beaches of Vancouver Island are ideal for building sandcastles, and the breezy green parks of Vancouver offer excellent nature programs These family-friendly activities are also available: camping, wildlife watching, caving, hiking, kayaking, skiing, white-water rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking, snorkeling, bumper boats, mini-golf, skateboard parks, wave pools, go-karts, BMX tracks, car races, geo-caching, corn mazes, petting zoos and bike trails. There is something for every adventurer.

    There’s also much more, including: butterfly gardens, a bug zoo, wildlife asylum, salmon hatcheries, steam trains, whale hub, carriage rides, military forts, museums and so on. Culturally, Vancouver is similar to America. The people of Vancouver speak English, and dress casually. Vancouver is absolutely renowned for seafood. There are between 2,000 and 5,000 restaurants, where you’re assured to discover something to tempt your appetite. Vancouver is a zenith dining city. Chinatown is one place to find superior Chinese restaurants; there are also Indian and Italian restaurants. You may also want to put the following locations on your vacation itinerary:


    Tofino is extraordinary in any season of year. Summer is full of exploring and fishing; In autumn, Vancouver is a paradise for foodies and photographers. In winter you can enjoy watching the powerful storms. In spring, Tofino revitalizes, rejoicing in the return of the shorebirds, grey whales, black bears, and the transformation of the rainforest. Plan a trip to Tofino to be reinvigorated by nature and the environment around you.

    Mount Washington

    If you are seeking an active family getaway, company retreat, or reunion, Mount Washington on Vancouver Island is the best. Visitors here enjoy an ideal combination of outdoor adventure and the beauty of the rocky west coast.  In the winter, tourist attractions are snowboarding and skiing.

    Qualicum and Parksville Beach

    Canada’s top family friendly beaches are Qualicum Beach and Parkville Beach. Here you can experience the beauty of the sea, the silence at sunset, enormous forests, and a seven-story subversive waterfall. You can also indulge yourself with a spa experience, and nonstop dining choices.


    Ucluelet is situated on the west coast. You can watch whales, eagles, bears, and creatures of the rainforest. You can also experience kayaking, surfing, and fishing etc. The Ucluelet area is renowned for some of the biggest stands of old red cedar trees and is just minutes away from BC, Long Beach and Sandy Beach.

    Best hotels in Vancouver

    Campgrounds & RV parks

    If you want to spend a spring break, summer vacation, or a long weekend, camping with or without a recreational vehicle (RV) can be a great experience. Vancouver campgrounds will provide you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the rainforest with your family and friends with a campfire; or you can enjoy your nights by listening to the ocean or, of course, beneath the stars at Clayoquot Sound.

    When you add exceptional shopping, nightlife, dining, nature and the many other available attractions, Vancouver will become one of your favorite destinations. And don’t forget to bring your camera!

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