How to make the most out of your trip to San Francisco

    Nestled on the West Coast in the famous state of California is one of the US’s best travel destinations, the city of San Francisco. There are numerous reasons to visit this town that could call you back repeatedly, but if you are going to go once as I did, there’s places you have to visit.

    San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge at night
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    To begin with, there’s the Nappa Valley wine country. This area is rich with wine tasting venues where you can tour beautiful vineyards and taste rich wine flavors in America’s most famous wine country. It’s absolutely essential that anyone remotely interested in wine take an afternoon or morning to tour this area and try a few wine tastings.

    It’s a relaxing way to spend some time and takes advantage of the wonderful San Francisco weather, which is typically sunny and warm with a cool ocean breeze.

    Within the city itself, Pier 39 is a location that demands your attention. Located on the edge of the bay, Pier 39 is an Oceanside cultural center. The streets are filled with musicians, artists, and men hiding behind bushes to scare unsuspecting tourists, all of which is enjoyable to take in while the cool ocean air surrounds you.

    On the pier itself there are several museums, shops, and restaurants that offer truly fresh catches. I took the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Pier 39 clam chowder in a bread bowl of the likes I’m not likely to find elsewhere in this country.

    Pier 39 offers travellers both the benefits of visiting the sea combined with the unique culture of San Francisco, it’s essential that you visit this site.

    Not far from Pier 39 is a port with a vessel that ferries visitors of the old Alcatraz penitentiary. Famous for its role in movies like “Escape from Alcatraz” and “The Rock,” Alcatraz has a fascinating history as a former maximum security prison that held notorious criminals such as Al Capone and Robert “birdman of Alcatraz” Stroud.

    Besides the compelling history of the Island prison, there’s also the fantastic view it offers of San Francisco and the bay area. It’s a worth a visit, perhaps in conjunction with a trip to Pier 39.

    Within the city itself there are innumerable beautiful buildings, Lombard street, and a massive China town with great shops and restaurants for authentic Chinese cuisine and trinkets. We toured the city (be prepared to walk up hills!) and took in the sights and shops before settling in a local bar for refreshment and snacks.

    Also within the city limits are beautiful parks such as the Golden Gate park with massive trees, beautiful trails, and intact green views.

    From there, take a long walk or drive across the Golden Gate bridge into the countryside to visit Yosemite Park or Muir woods where the massive redwood forests are pristine and breathtaking.

    Finally, there are the attractions of the city and surrounding area. Between San Francisco and neighboring Oakland (just across the bay) there are five major sports franchises, leading to good odds that a sporting event will take place while you are in town.

    In particular, the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T park is a beautiful location located on the ocean front with boats riding around in the bay behind the right field wall hoping to catch home run balls.

    There are endless attractions within San Francisco that may draw you back for repeated visits, but if you have one visit in mind then make sure you make the most by hitting up the interior views and mixed culture, the pier sites, the surrounding countryside, and perhaps a relaxing time at the ballpark.

    It’s hard to plan a more eventful yet relaxing vacation than that.

    Author Bio: IanB writes for News Updates Weekly, where you can read up on new how-to’s and stories within the US.

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