A Week in Jakarta

    Jakarta is a capital of Indonesia, a crowded city with a lot of landmarks. It is however a stopover for every traveler who wants to spend his vacation at one of countless islands of the complex, Bali for example. There are also many reasons for spending a week in this city which is a combination of the past and the future. Let’s take a look at the most remarkable of them.

    Flea Market at Jalal Syrapaia

    There are so many choices of old cameras, vinyl’s, turntables, old statue, and used branded things. If you are lucky enough you will find good quality old memorials and you will find yourself in your childhood memories. This outdoor market is located in central Jakarta and you can easily find many foreign tourists here. Be careful with sellers because they will often give you a higher price. But, generally, for lovers of antiques, it is one of the favorite places to visit when you find yourself in Jakarta.

    Plaza Indonesia

    The shopping center is in a perfect location, right in the city center, surrounded by large hotel central Jakarta. Relatively small compared to other malls, it is easy to browse but you are not easily lost. In this shopping center you can find all the wine bars, cafes and restaurants, clothing stores, cinemas and there is no fast food. There are also hairdressers. It’s easy to get a taxi from here to look for someone via the Internet. The most important thing is that in this commercial you enjoy your ride free of the suffocation caused by the many markets.

    Sundae Kelapa Docks

    It is usually a traveller’s first impression of Indonesia and you are amazed by the cozy, old-fashioned atmosphere. This historic port, with a history over 100 years, is a very interesting sight to visit. Local shoe workers can be found all over the port area and you can gaze them still working by their own hands.However, they are friendly and they don’t mind being captured. An excellent place if you are a photo lover.

    The Istiqlal Mosque (Masjid Istiqlal)

    The Istiqlal Mosque is an impressive Mosque in the center of Jakarta. The mosque is the largest in Southeast Asia and the second largest all over the world. It was launched almost 40 years ago. The mosque is located on Taman Wijaya Kusuma Road – and on the northeastern side of the famous Merdeka Square. The nearest train station is Gambir – and you can walk to the mosque from the station. The mosque has a large dome and tall minarets. The dome is supported by twelve pillars. The prayer hall is rectangular and its interior is quite simple but elegant. This is a holy place – and guests must be suitable and adequate special outfit during your visit to the mosque.

    Jakarta Cathedral

    This is a beautiful cathedral opposite the Istiqlal Mosque – and it is a sign that the Indonesian government tolerates different religions in the country. The cathedral gets very busy at the weekend because it is visited by many tourists. The temple is also known as the Mary Cathedral. The architecture is neo gothic style – and it has three spires. This is one of the places to visit in Jakarta.

    National Museum

    In a way, you will find yourself flown in the ages of kings and queens, gods and warriors. Many statues from ancient Hindi times; especially God Shiva and the son of happy Ganesh. Inside you, it looks as if you are going through the Indonesian archipelago, with many traditional houses and works of art. On the fourth floor you will find hidden treasure from the wreck beneath the Indonesians in the ocean. It’s like turning back time in this museum.

    Thousand Islands

    The 1000 islands are a chain of islands near the coast of Jakarta. There are many islands, which have resorts, but very basic and simple. Meals served on the islands will also be very basic and simple. If you want to get out of the noise and hustle and bustle of Jakarta this is all right. You can do Diving, jet skiing, snorkeling. All kinds of water sports are available. You can choose between many different islands with different values.


    The National Monument is something to see the sightseeing during your visit to Jakarta. The impressions in the evening will leave you speechless. The tower was built by the command of President Sukarno. Visitors will have to pay particular attention to the fire-colored form at the top of the tower. In the old days, guests can go to the highest possible level and see the beauty of Jakarta. However, since this is an old building, it is not possible today to do so for safety reasons. Enjoy the park as well as try the famous kerak telor around.

    Waterbom Jakarta

    In this attentive water park, there is plenty to do in splash your adrenaline to the heights. Ideal destination for entertaining your day for family or children and a place where you can find delicious food. The location is quite far from Jakarta and the water used in the park is a bit too salty because it is close to the ocean.

    Do not forget to give this city a chance. It is a city worth visiting. You can book a room at a central hotel in the city and start your journey from here. Trust me; you will feel like an explorer.


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