Arctic adventure tours routes, increased interest in extreme tours

    We describe arctic adventure tours, possible routes and reasons of interest to extreme tours. Make the unforgettable journey to Arctic right now!

    Towards adventure

    Adventure tours are very popular among people who are attracted to all the unknown, risky things, among people who love extreme kinds of rest and try to go where the world is full of impressions. Arctic adventure tours exist exactly for this purpose! And if you like adventure tourism, traveling in the Arctic will be a unique opportunity to learn the arctic nature, feel the austere spirit of the North, admire the amazing Northern Lights and participate in a wide variety of winter programs aimed to get thrills.


    Going to the world of ice

    For many of us, a trip to such exotic places seems something unreal. But now, when you have opportunities, time, desire, funds, such a trip has become quite possible, and it turns into an unforgettable adventure.

    Basically tours to the Arctic are carefully prepared expeditions, where everyone has an opportunity to feel harshness of this region and test the strength of character. Tours can be varied, but they all have one thing in common and it is an extreme. Undeveloped by human wildlife, inaccessible places, all that raises unusual feelings which are peculiar only to adventure fans.


    There are several reasons that make such unexplored places attractive:

    • Unexplored wild region. There is an opportunity to be in places that are not mastered by man.
    • Natural landscapes. The extraordinary beauty of the North, white expanses, the Aurora Borealis.
    • Animal world. Acquaintance with the polar bears who feel them comfortable there. What can be better than that?
    • The sea of ice. It shimmers with different shades; you won’t see something like that anywhere else.
    • Infinity. You can see the infinite space, and often you just don’t have an idea where to go. Ability to spend time with yourself and check yourself in harsh conditions.

    Adventure route

    Any trip to such an unknown world is an adventure itself. You can visit West Greenland, where you’ll see the icebergs and admire whales that will swim up so close so you want to touch them. The ability to discover the history of the Vikings, explore culture of main inhabitants of Greenland – Inuit.


    You can go to Iceland and Spitsbergen and get acquainted with polar bears, seals, whales, and caribou. These two regions may be reached only by sea.

    Or explore the Franz Josef Land, and where else will you see the icebergs a ten-storey house size, which are highlighted during darkness thanks to the Aurora Borealis if not in Scoresby Sound?

    And if you want more excitement, there is always the possibility to use services of the helicopter and be transferred to the inaccessible places or to fly over the drifting ice-breaker and to explore wonderful places in the Arctic.

    All these tours are united by one thing – the desire to know the most unusual sides of the world, to know more about yourself. If you have a thirst to travel, want to be transferred to the world of the unknown reality, choose tours to the Arctic, and discover yourself in a new way.

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