What has made Krakow one of the world’s top destinations for tourists?

     Krakow guide answers the question!

    Krakow has long been a huge draw for visitors coming from elsewhere in Poland for lots of reasons, from its beauty to its central role in Polish history to its status as the home of Pope John Paul II. But the number of foreign tourists coming to Krakow has exploded over the last ten years too and for reasons that are easy to understand. Spend a little time here and you’ll quickly see why Krakow has joined the club of top tier destinations for travellers from all over the world.

    Krakow – the calling card for all of Poland

    As guides around Krakow ourselves, we often get to meet visitors from every corner of the planet. Many of them know that Krakow sightseeing is the best way to start any journey into the history and culture of Poland. Our most popular Krakow tours are those that take guests around the Old Town, Wawel Castle and the former Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz. This are the places where you will find the oldest treasures that Krakow has to share and many of them are among the most important historical relics in the country. The fact that there are so many structures around the city from so many different historical eras means that much of Krakow is a living record of a thousand years of culture, art and architecture.


    The historical significance of Krakow – the capital of the country from the 11th to the 16th centuries – has filled it with sites of exceptional and even world-class significance. The Cathedral and Castle on Wawel Hill are truly unique works of art, to say nothing of their spiritual and symbolic meanings.

    Tourists from Western Europe have flocked to several locations in Central Europe over the last decade, drawn by the exotic character of Krakow. St. Mary’s Church in Krakow’s main square has a distinctly different appearance than churches in, say, Paris or other points further west. The interior of St. Mary’s is a living encyclopaedia of just about every artistic and architectural influence that has permeated European cultural life, from Gothic through the Renaissance and Baroque up through the art of the 19th century. Its imposing form, rich colours and detailed finishing exceed the expectations of all but the most demanding visitors.

    The Kazimierz district, with its unique Jewish character, and the nearby salt mines in Wieliczka and Bochnia are truly exceptional sites to behold. Krakow’s Old Town and the Wieliczka salt mines are both listed on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites and you will quickly understand why when you see them for yourself.

    Easy to get around, easy to enjoy

    It’s important to recognise that Krakow has a very well-developed tourist infrastructure to help you relax and enjoy your holiday by making practical considerations easy to deal with. While you’re taking in the sights and sampling all that Krakow has to offer, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that things like airport transfers, getting around the city and arranging accommodation and meals is a snap. Don’t forget that everything a visitor wants and need is also very attractively priced compared to destinations in Western Europe. Visitors from the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Scandinavia and elsewhere will find that they can enjoy themselves at a higher level than their budget might allow elsewhere. A long list of connections serviced by budget airlines and easy access to and from the airport make the idea of a Krakow holiday even more attractive. It’s also easy to arrange a Krakow guide in a number of languages. Just have a look at to see how easy it is.


    Something for everyone

    Millions of visitors can confirm that there’s just something magical about the unique atmosphere in Krakow. A walk through the park that surrounds the Old Town, a morning coffee in the main square, sharing a bottle of wine in one of Kazimierz’s many bars and cafes or a wild night in an underground club that find by accident – they can all be part of an unforgettable trip to Poland’s top tourist destination. Krakow is a city for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, a host to pilgrims and lovers of the night life. This city of kings has something to offer everyone and millions of people all over the world have a story to tell about their fantastic trip to Krakow.


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