Attractions to visit in Chelsea, New York

    Built in 1830, Chelsea is a premier contemporary-art neighbourhood located on the West Side of Manhattan. This area was an edgy, semi-industrial unit before it was colonised by adventurous gallerists. Today, the area is known for its industrial landmarks and shiny new structures and is home to world-class art galleries, sought-after high-rises and converted warehouses.

    Chelsea is a perfect combination of affluence and downtown style and a popular hub of the city’s gay community. The quintessential neighbourhood has countless of things to offer to make your day highly exciting in terms of things to do, eat and see. Buzzing with rich cultural diversity, artistic beauty and stunning architecture, the area holds first-rate reputation in New York City.

    Here is a list of popular attractions in Chelsea:

    Clement Clarke Moore Park: The Park was named after American scholar and poet Clement Clarke Moore who spent most of his life on the Chelsea estate. This huge public park is adorned with different species of plants attractive flowerbeds and simple pavements and has several facilities for children and adults to enjoy picnic, relax in the lap of nature or simply laze away. A great gateway for your next outdoor trip in the city.

    Clement Clarke Moore Park
    Clement Clarke Moore Park – Image source:

    Church of the Guardian Angel: A roman catholic church built in 1963, Church of the Guardian Angel is designed by architect John Van Pelt in Italian Romanesque style and is located on 193 Tenth Avenue. The dazzling church nicely depicts the early life of Christ with attractive sculptures and bas-relief and the stunning brick and limestone facades designed inside make it look highly impressive. Church of the Guardian Angel also has its own parochial school that caters to needs of a diverse group of people.

    Church of the Guardian Angel
    Church of the Guardian Angel – Image source:

    Rubin Art Museum: An ideal place for art lovers, Rubin Art Museum is among the top five museums in the world for Himalayan art. The dynamic Museum has an extensive collection of art that inspires visitors to make connections between modern life and ideas of Himalayas, India. The museum is dedicated to the collection, display, and preservation of the Himalayan art and organises exhibitions and special events regularly. Visiting this amazing place, you can browse through amazing art making studios, the gift shop and a café.

    Rubin Art Museum
    Rubin Art Museum – Image source:

    High Line: Located on Manhattan’s west side, High Line is an elevated freight rail line, which is transformed into an innovative public park. The 1.45 mile long green space was founded in 1999 by community residents who took the responsibility to preserve and maintain the historic structure. A popular sight in Chelsea, High Line is a charming park, planted with wildflowers and grasses. No matter the season, High Line is always fascinating in the sunny afternoon and you can sit here surrounded by plantings and enjoy amazing Hudson River views.

    High Line
    High Line – Image source:

    Chelsea Market: To enjoy a variety of culinary delights, visit Chelsea Market, which is home to over 30 restaurants, food stores and shops. Indulge in tasty treats at Amy’s Bread, visit Sarabeth’s Bakery to enjoy a delicious breakfast menu including the popular pumpkin waffle. After this, engage in shopping as the retail scene in hip Chelsea offers everything from vintage threads to designer clothes, fashion jewellery to antiques. You can also find several old-timey bookstores. Chelsea Market offers a unique and alternative shopping experience from traditional retail.

    Chelsea Market
    Chelsea Market – Image source:

    By exploring Chelsea you’ll get introduced to its artistic and visual history, which is a perfect combination of old and new. Stay in chelsea area to experience the pleasures and charm of the Hudson River, historic churches and dozens of creative and old art galleries sure to leave you spellbound.

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