Did You Know Wet Wipes are Beneficial for Men Too?

    Some days, when we are busy or for whatever reason, skincare may not be on the top of our priority list. Then there are times like post-workout sessions, a bike ride to your work, or a long ride away from home, when you feel nasty but have no way to take a shower.

    These are the times when wet wipes come in quite handy and help you get out of the sticky situations (no pun intended)!

    Wet wipes are nothing new and have been around for years. These pre-moistened tissues are commonly used as baby wipes, makeup removers, and cleansing skin and surfaces. The “new” thing about them is the rise in their production for men. You can find man wipes from GoodWipes and various other brands that are taking over the market across the globe. They are easy to use, portable, and effective for cleansing skin when you have no access to soap and water.

    That said, not all wipes are the same. The biggest downside of wet wipes is their disposable issue. If not disposed of correctly, they cause damage to the sewage system and the environment in the long run.

    The good news is more companies are launching flushable wipes that are environment-friendly and cause little to no damage to the sewage system.

    It’s such a relief when you know that somewhere in your gym bag, or workplace desk drawer, or the glove compartment in your car, there is a pack of wet wipes to wipe the sweat off yourself especially during the hot summer days.

    Key Benefits of Using Wet Wipes

    1. Convenient and Easy to Use

    The main reason for their increasing popularity is convenience. Since the beginning of the production, people have found multiple uses of them. To find out some the unusual ways to use these handy tissues, click here.

    Our fast-moving lifestyle rarely leaves us time for extensive self-care. This is what makes us appreciative of these tissues that save us time to freshen up during the rush hours. You can carry a pack in your pocket and simply pull out one to clean yourself on the go.

    Moreover, they are largely available everywhere including your local grocery store, pharmacies, and online stores.

    At the same time, these tissues are easy to use. You don’t need any guidelines to use them. All you need to do is take out a wipe from the package, use it, and throw it in the bin or flush it down the toilet. Voila! You are done cleansing your skin. There’s no need to wash or rinse afterward.

    They come in different sizes and types. There are larger body wipes available that you can use when showering is not an option. Yes, you read it right. You may feel terrible at the idea of not able to shower. But think of the times when you are between connecting flights or have a party planned right after your work. You can use them to clean up and rejuvenate yourself quickly.

    2. Antibacterial Properties

    Some of them have antibacterial properties that you can use to clean your hands and any surface to protect yourself from germs.

    Once again, the use of antibacterial wipes remains debatable among professionals. Few recent pieces of research claim that triclosan, one of the components found in these tissues, can create antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The studies also show that triclosan can potentially harm the endocrine system of animals. However, it is yet to be observed in humans.

    It is always better to use soap and water to cleanse yourself. But antibacterial ones work the same when you have no access to water or soap.

    3. Hygienic Cleaning

    It’s essential to keep yourself clean “down there” to avoid contracting infections and basically maintaining proper hygiene. This claim can be backed by some specialists as found on this link

    Humans have been using various methods to clean up over the years. Since the 19th century, the use of toilet paper became the norm and now, body wipes have taken over the trend.

    The texture of a toilet paper can cause microtears and anal fissures in people with soft and sensitive skin. Most leading brands have come up with paraben and alcohol-free wet wipes that are tender on your skin.

    Although the benefits of using a wipe have been a topic of debate among healthcare professionals, many people are settling for wipe due to its convenience and ease of use.

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