7 Tricks For Getting The Best Offers in Orange County, California

    Are you planning to visit Orange County, California? No doubt, Orange County is the home of Disneyland and other attractions. The county has numerous restaurants, beaches, and conference rooms. So, it is an excellent place to visit during your business and private holidays.

    As you walk around, you need to buy some items that will act as reminders of your time here. However, not every shop you come along has the best deal. There are those offering low-quality products at a low price. Others are significantly beyond your budget. So, how do you get the best offers in Orange County? Here are 7 tricks:

    Do some research on the item’s price range

    Like other businesses, sellers in Orange County offer different prices for the same product. This aspect depends on the nature of the customers they are targeting. As a county that attracts many private and business tourists, you’re likely to get friendly offers on different products.

    However, you need to have the item’s price range in your mind. You should know how much it is worth. Hence, before visiting a shopping mall or an in-store, consider doing some price research. This way, you’ll land on a super deal and save some coins.

    Check the product online before visiting the in-store

    As technology gains grip, online shopping is becoming the norm. People are avoiding in-store for online shops. Probably, you’re one of them. You shop online on most occasions. But as you visit this renowned county, or setting up your business here, getting the best deal is not evil.

    Before deciding to shop offline, it is vital to check the product online. There are two reasons why this is important. One, you might land a good deal online than offline. The opposite is also true. An in-store is maybe offering a good deal than the online shop. So, consider checking the online shops to know how much the product is worth.

    The next reason is that some online deals are psychological. You might find that you are paying the same price for a discounted item online in an in-store. As such, check online before shopping offline.

    Create a seller-buyer relationship

    Business is a relationship. As a friend would consider you and offer you a better deal than other customers, the same benefit, you will get when you build some relationship. But how do you go about it? You need to start a conversation on things you may have in common.

    Also, add humor to your conversation. For instance, if the person is dealing with party accessories, you can share stories of your memorable parties. Sharing humor is a perfect way of building some relationship between you and the seller. With this, the seller will start viewing you as a friend. So, you’ll get a considerable deal than other buyers.

    Set your buying standards

    As you know, business is a negotiation process. Whether you love the item offered or not, you need to get a deal that serves you well. Setting some standards is essential. As you seek different things in Orange County, California, you need to determine how much you can pay for each.

    Do not spend every coin on one item that you can get in another store at a lower price. Even if you want the item, walking away can be a secret for a better deal. Tell the seller to contact you in case they decide to consider your offer.

    Consider silence as a bargaining tool

    Have you ever done this? You visit an in-store and spot an item. You get some interest and try to check on it. Then, the salesperson comes next to you and start detailing the benefits and price of the product. Instead of engaging them, you decide to remain silent. Did you notice something? Indeed, the salesperson prompted a nicer offer.

    Keeping silent or replying with “hmmm” is one of the bargaining tricks. When you stay silent during the price negotiation, the seller starts to guess that you’re no longer interested. So, to rebuild your interest, they popup a new price which lower than the initial one. So, silence is not only an answer but also it is an excellent weapon for getting a fantastic deal.


    Though it might as awkward, hesitation is a way to getting better deals in Orange County stores. Never let the seller think they are offering the best products. When you visit a store, try highlighting the flaws in the items you want to purchase. Please point out the shortfalls on them and argue that the seller should consider them on their prices.

    Also, mention other places selling the same item. This way, the seller will become considerate and give you a personalized offer.

    Visit several in-stores across Orange County, California

    Orange County is the home of many businesses. The county houses several business cities and shopping malls. When looking for an item, do not constrict yourself to a single store. You should visit several businesses that are selling what you want.

    Whether it is fashion, car windscreen, beauty and hair products, or electronics, you’ll find hundreds of shops offering the items. So, to ensure you save some cash and get your desired product, consider several stores. This way, you’ll have a range of prices to compare and land on the best offer.

    Wrapping Up

    As you can see, you should not spend every coin on a single item when in Orange County, California. Applying the above tricks and tips will enable you to get more with less. You’ll buy your memorable items to take home after your vacation. If you’re a resident here, you can use these tricks to get the best offers each time you go out for shopping.

    Also, you can apply them to boost your profit in case you’re a reseller. You’ll always get a good deal that you can pass on to your customers without hurting your profit. So, when you visit Orange County for business or leisure, you now know how to save your money on each item you purchase.

    Nice shopping!

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