Exploring Mother Nature: Things To Bring When Camping

    The world was made for various reasons, and one of them was for mankind to explore and enjoy God’s creation. Today, the human race has mapped the majority of the planet, exposing so much knowledge and resources. But there is still much to discover in this blue sphere. We have yet to expose the true beauty of mother nature. That’s why a man was embedded with a curious instinct in order for him to learn the ways of the universe.

    2I have been camping for 5 years now, and I enjoy the outdoors very much. It gets me into a close relationship with nature and gives me a sense of being alive. I have learned much from my so-called escapades, and have experienced all sorts of unexpected situations. And the most important thing that I’ve learned was to make sure that I wore proper clothing when traveling. It is very essential that you learn how to choose the proper attire when going outdoors because if you don’t you might get sick and regret neglecting the basics. Here are some tips on how to choose proper outdoor clothing. Take note that everything must be acquired in order for you to enjoy the outdoors safely.

    Proper Clothing

    It is very important that you bring this thing along, sometimes, temperatures outside can get really cold, and that bonfire wouldn’t seem to be enough. Look for jackets that are made from wool. They help to keep the warmth in. Another piece of clothing that will be necessary for keeping warm at night. I’m emphasizing night time because it can be really frisky outside. This will serve as your base layer and help you keep in body heat. Lower body clothing should be strong and comfortable. Wearing denim jeans and pants may hinder you from walking properly, thus stressing your legs a lot. Try looking for loose and flexible cargo pants or shorts that have side pockets for extra item storage. Lastly, you should also be aware of proper headgear and foot wear. For shoes, hiking low cut shoes and soft wool socks are recommended because of the rough terrain that you’ll be traveling and as for headgears, sports caps or beanies will do you just fine.

    Food and Shelter

    Remember to stock canned goods for an emergency but do not bring too much as it may make your back pack too heavy. 2 canned goods per day should be enough for emergency purposes. When you need your daily dose of caffeine, even out in the woods then a percolator, an old school but useful tool, is one you should not forget. As for your shelter, a tent big enough for 4 people will suffice if you are traveling two’s. This will give you much space to move in and to put stuff into.

    Emergency Supplies

    Lastly, never forget to bring along emergency supplies such as a first aid kit and a flashlight for unseen circumstances. It may be the difference between getting home safely and in pieces. Also, don’t forget to bring along cutting and fire making tools. Make sure that they are handy so that they will fit your rucksack.

    Rome Beley
    Rome Beley
    Rome Beley is a travel ambassador and blogger from Deck Chair Cruising. They offer campervan rentals usa and other services. Despite of her busy schedule, she never forgets to indulge in her wanderlust.

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