Family-Friendly Island Camping Locations in Queensland

    Queensland conjures up images of the sun, sand, and sea and justifiably so. It is home to many islands that have been known for being one of the most beautiful in the world, giving every visitor to step back and admire the beauty of nature. However, Queensland has more to offer than just a drive to the beach.

    Family-Friendly Island Camping Locations in Queensland
    Family-Friendly Island Camping Locations in Queensland

    Make camping a family-friendly experience in these spots that can be found in and around the Queensland area.

    Conondale National Park

    Conondale National Park is just a short drive away from swimsuit mecca Sunshine Coast and it is the perfect camping ground for families. The camping sites are secluded (if privacy is an issue to you) and there are awesome nature walks to help ease your mind off the everyday stresses of life. Go for a swim at Booloumba Falls Creek, and it will surely be the highlight of your trip.

    Stradbroke Island

    If you are raring to pitch your tent for a couple of days with the kids, head to Stradbroke Island, one of the many idyllic islands off the coast of Queensland. The island is a short trip from Brisbane and was the subject of a Native Title Settlement in 2011. Its beauty can now be enjoyed by most, all the while celebrating its indigenous history, spanning more than twenty thousand years. Adder Point would be the perfect camping ground. Surround yourself with tea tree forests and pandanus trees — timbers whose leaves are known for its sweet aroma, making it suitable for tea drinking and cooking. During certain times of the year, catch a glimpse of whales. Truly an encounter of such proportion is something your kids — and yourself — will never forget.

    Benarkin State Forest

    Benarkin State Forest is about a two-hour drive from Brisbane. Pine trees are quite abundant in the area as it has since become a plantation since the arrival of the Europeans. The Bunya Nut is famously harvested here as well. Curious about the platypus? This is the place to visit. Children have the chance to go bird watching too. As the sun sets and the night settles in, a night walk in the forest would be an adventure for city dwellers. Try to spot an owl or glider through the nature trails.

    Cape York Peninsula

    For the more rugged and experienced families, Cape York Peninsula is as remote as it can get. An abundance of crocodiles during the wet season makes this place hazardous but come at the right time of the year and you will be in for a treat. Instead of beaches, camp beside rivers and waterholes. Check ou Sweetwater Lake for an incredible water lily display.

    Gympie Music Muster

    You don’t have to rough it out whenever you go camping. Enjoy some music and gourmet fares at the Gympie Music Muster. It encompasses four days of music and enjoyment, all done in 50 acres of land. You get to camp for free whenever you avail of a festival ticket.

    Fitzroy Island

    Take a ferry to Fitzroy Island and enjoy camping sites managed by the Fitzroy Island Resort. A National Park itself, Fitzroy Island manages to charm day-trippers and campers alike with its lush vegetation and scenic landscapes. Make sure to pack a pair of hiking boots with you; the trails are pretty rugged but you are in for a treat with every step you take.

    Planning a family trip with the kids doesn’t have to be so clear cut. It might be tempting to simply book a night at a hotel and leave it at that. Try to take a trip that is bound to make an indelible mark on your kids as they experience the natural beauty of Queensland.

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