Technology and Hiking Watches

    The previous design of hiking watches only displays the time, date, and a compass pointer.  Technology has vastly changed the displays of these accessories allowing every essential type of information right within your reach. With a majority of the best hiking watch brands, you receive a daily sunrise and sunset schedule, your exact GPS location, altitude for mountainous climbs, weather updates, fitness stats, and a whole lot of other features.

    Hiking Watches
    Hiking Watches

    Hiking watches are trendy and fashionable, both for men and women. The sports and outdoor watch industry combined the power of design and technology to keep you on the go. This latest gadgetry provides a wearer with durability, wearability, and waterproof construction for longer-lasting serviceability.

    Hiking Watch Brands

    Another advanced innovation in hiking watches involves advanced GPS technology. For example, just a few years ago, hikers did not want watches with a GPS because it drained the battery too quickly. However, it’s preferable to apps running in the background.

    Today, battery technology gives each wearer around 24 hours of operational time. New models are consistently being introduced with even more advanced features. If you’re undecided on which is the best hiking watch, let me help you. With the name Garmin, you already know that you are getting the top of the line in hiking watches.

    Hiking Watch Features

    The Garmin brands (Fenix 3 or Fenix 5x) remains at the top of outdoor watch technology. Many hiking watches are known for their prominent features like the following:

    • The time feature is very accurate.
    • Special software for colorful topographic maps, tracking, including how to find your friends hiking with you.
    • Programmable sensors.
    • Customizable apps like adding heart rate monitoring.
    • Topographic maps.
    • Water-resistant up to 100 meters.
    • Garmin watches can connect to Bluetooth smartphones for texting and emailing, and more.

    Thermometer technology

    In many of the best hiking watch features, it is the little things that count. Many hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts like the thermometer feature. Why? Because if you have camped on your hike, you are going to remain quite cozy in the tent you placed in your backpack.

    Hiking watches can be equipped with thermometer technology, meaning that you can tell how the weather is outside the tent is. This enables you to determine how layered your clothing must be for you to continue your hiking journey.

    Unique Features

    Whether you opt to wear a Suunto, Garmin, Compass, LAD, or a Casio hiking watch, do your research and determine which watch has the features that work for you. The best hiking watch today also features comfortable and durable wrist bands.

    Many watch bands are reversible or exchangeable. Hiking bands are not just ornamental as they feature air-breathing materials that can also keep dust, pollen, and other minute particles away from your skin. If you have noticed lately, the size between the watch and the band complement each other.

    A large face watch and a narrow watch band are not evenly balanced on your arm. Therefore, hiking watch manufacturers have designed a more unformed style so that you do not snag your watch band. Many brands like Garmin feature Sapphire glass lenses that are resistant to scratches, unlike the traditional mineral crystal lenses.


    Looking for the right hiking watch is never a problem these days. There are plenty of brands offering the right kind of features to keep you safe and connected. Additionally, they have extra other features including the carabiner clip so you can attach your hiking watch to your clothing or gear.

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