Five Potential Threats To Be Aware of When on Vacation

    Five Potential Threats To Be Aware of When on Vacation
    Five Potential Threats To Be Aware of When on Vacation

    Going on vacation is something that many plan for months or even years in advance. There are so many different and wonderful places throughout the world to visit. No matter if you’re traveling a state away, to a tropical island or overseas, there are potential threats that you should be aware of. It is not uncommon for locals to prey upon tourists and to try and take you for all that you’re worth. By simply being aware of these threats and knowing how to handle them if the situation even occurs, you will be able to enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing vacation with your mind at ease.

    Thieves and Pickpockets

    Pickpockets and thieves are a fact of life and can not be completely avoided no matter where you are vacationing. These types of criminals find it easy to spot tourists and those who are unfamiliar with the area to grab their money and run with it. In most cases, these criminals do not end up getting caught. By simply guarding your valuables and looking like a local, you could be protecting yourself from this common threat. Only keep your needed amount of money on hand at all times. Store your belongings close to your body and walk with confidence. Avoid dark alleyways and areas that are known to be a bit more dangerous.

    Common Diseases

    Diseases are something that you need to be careful of depending on where you are traveling to. It is highly recommended to take advantage of shots and available vaccinations before traveling to destinations such as Africa, Nepal, and countries throughout Asia. One of the most common disease threats that you should be aware of is malaria. It is also best to avoid drinking water and food that doesn’t look as though it has been cooked properly.

    Risk of Exporting

    Exporting items that you have purchased while on vacation can lead to something known as export risk. While it may be alright to purchase said items in the country that you have been visiting, you could become a major threat while going through airport security. Be sure to check what is and is not allowed for export on airplanes before traveling.


    Some countries, such as Mexico, are known for taking advantage of tourists that find their way off of resort properties. One major threat to be aware of is potential kidnapping. Many criminals will try to hold tourists for ransom as a way to make money.

    Extra Fees

    One of the most common threats while traveling is being charged too much for simply being a tourist. Taxi cabs, street vendors, retailers and restaurants may try and over-charge you for “fees” that do not exist.

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