Garden city from Bangalore flight trip

    Heading from Bangalore to the one of the most popular destinations in Asia, Singapore, or as most residents know it now, the Garden City. The choice of this destination is no surprise to anyone who has visited this town, or at least had a friend who visited it. Star trek architecture, marvelous cuisine, an array of different eateries, skyscrapers as long as the eye can see, and rainforests, there should be a special chapter for the soothing sprawling dense rainforests alone. A mandatory shopping, and a wide city tour is a must, you just have to visit the Botanical Garden, The Helix Bridge, Peranakan Museum, Singapore Flyer and take your time and visit the Sentosa Island, and all the other islands as a matter of fact!

    Few useful advices when planning your trip to Singapore, just to make your trip more pleasant and worry free. If you are planning a leisure trip, it would be easier, especially if you have more time to plan the whole trip. If it is a business trip chances are you will not have all the time in the world, but then again chances are your budget will be a bit higher.

    If leisure, plan your trip to Singapore in July, that is the month when the Singapore Food festival is being held, and the Great Singapore Sale happens, and the festival is a thing you don’t want to miss, a lot of food from all over the world spiced with live music and workshop with some of the greatest chefs in the world. However, this is the period of the year when the airplane tickets are a bit higher. If you are planning a lower budget, then visit Singapore February or April, these months the fares are lowest, according to statistics at least.

    Probably the best way to find your suiting flight is using the Cleartrip app, it offers all the flights with their entire schedule, giving you the option to use the time needed and the price, from lowest to highest, direct trip or a flight with two or more changes. It takes you as 60 seconds to book your flight using the Cleartrip app, using their one-touch booking feature. Friendly advice, choose a direct flight, since this flight takes approximately five and a half hours, and a connection flight with halts and transfers can take up to 30 hours, and you don’t want to spend your precious time running thru terminals.

    You can choose between many Bangalore to Singapore Flights, there are 47 weekly flights from various airlines – Tiger Airways has 7, Singapore Airlines has 11,Virgin Australia has 11, Silk Air Pte has 11 and All Nippon has 7, and the prices ranges from $96 to $5000, depending on the options on your flight, the time of booking, direct flight or flight with stops, various reasons and options can raise the price of the ticket. And if your trip allows t, book a return trip ticket, it is much cheaper.

    Bear in mind that the worst flight is from Tiger Airways, and it is departing at 1:40 AM, while the last flight departs at 11:10 PM and it is run by All Nippon.

    Another friendly advice, expert suggest to book your ticket from 30 to 60 days in advance, chances are you’ll find the price of tickets according to your needs. Normally, this is not a rule, but if you have time to search for the best price, do it, or use the option to receive price alerts from the app, and it will inform you via your mail for price changes. Of course, there is the “last minute” option, if you’re feeling lucky, but this option should be your final resort, since it is risky, and you might have to pay the highest and worst price of all.

    The choice of airline companies depends strictly on you, some offer more free cabin baggage, some offer free meal, some flight with newer airplanes, and some with older. The price is a good merit when it comes to this, more money, better service, but again, this is not a rule.

    Now that you have used the ClearTrip app and you have your flight waiting for you, keep in mind that the flight won’t wait for you, if carrying checked baggage, and make sure to arrive at least two hours prior departing. If carrying only cabin baggage or nothing at all, arrive 45 minutes, just to be sure, you know how airports can get crowded.

    Another hint for the airports:

    – The Bengaluru International Airport offer passengers lounges, Wi-Fi services and if you’re traveling with babies, the airport baby care centers, making your trip much more pleasant.

    – The Singapore Airport has three terminals, so know your terminal in advance, just to know how to get around. It also thinks of your family and it offer playgrounds and baby centers, and also the world’s tallest airport slide for the ones with adventurous hearts.

    Enjoy your flight, and your stay in Singapore!

    I have spent the past 15 years in the travel industry. Today focused on promoting different ways of traveling, I'm in the process of creating few travel websites, which will be launched shortly. I have a great passion for travel and the travel industry. My goal here atTtripOutlook is to connect to other proffessionals in the travel industry and to exchange experience.

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