Great New Zealand Fishing

No matter what kind of fishing you are looking for, New Zealand has you covered. Salt water fishing, fresh water fishing, spring-fed creeks, rivers, fly fishing for trout or salmon and deep sea fishing are all available in relatively close proximity on the islands. With a equipment from FishingGadgetsHub, you are set for some fantastic fishing.


North Island

The central part of North Island has the largest lake in New Zealand, Lake Taupo. It is famous for its big fish as well as the large tributaries that feed the lake. These streams and rivers have a huge number of fish and the area is never crowded with fishermen. The large rivers have many 10 pound fish and there is spirited rainbow trout in the smaller rain-fed rivers. This is the area where the World Fly Fishing Championships were held in 2008.

The eastern part of North Island also has remote rivers and lakes. The Te Urewera National Park has several manmade hydro lakes on the Waikato River with both rainbow and brown trout at over 10 pounds.

The southern part of North Island had hundreds of kilometres of fishable large rivers and tributaries, and they are usually under-fished. The Hutt River is close to Wellington and has a huge trout population.

South Island

Some people consider the northern part of South Island to have the best brown trout fishing in the country. There are three large national parks in the Nelson Marlborough region where no development is allowed. The brown trout in these clear streams are famous for being wary, and they test even the best angler. This area has some extremely remote rivers and streams.

New Zealand’s famous braided salmon fishing is in the high Southern Alps on the west coast. There is more rainfall on this side of the island, so the rivers are shorter and faster and offer incredibly good fishing. This region has salmon in land locked lakes as well as glacial fed rivers.

The southern region of South Island is famous for dry fly fishing. The Mataura offers more than 100 kilometres of dry fly water with several small streams that feed the hundreds of lakes around the Fiordland, and slow moving water that flows over the southern plains. This area is considered the most diverse with small streams in the forest, large clear rivers and deep glacial-formed lakes. It is a good place for fishing during the driest time of the year when many of the other rivers and streams are reduced to a trickle.

Big game fishing has gained in popularity in the water off the Coromandel Peninsula, Whangarei and the Bay of Plenty. Further south in Hawke’s Bay and Taranaki, fishermen found shark, Bluefin tuna and broadbill swordfish. Kingfish, tuna, and albacore are found in the summer.

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