5 Tips When Taking an Alaskan Cruise

    When traveling to Alaska on a cruise, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful locations in the world. With this few tips and pointers provided by WinterNinja, you can avoid some of the common pitfalls of many tourists and also can have a wonderful trip without breaking your bank.

    When to Travel 

    For many people, how much you enjoy a cruise to Alaska largely depends upon the time of year you choose to take it. May to September are the busiest months of the year when people are enjoying their summer breaks and vacation time when the weather is warm. If you want to save money and score discounted rates, try going to Alaska in the fall or winter when it maybe be colder, but the scenery is just as stunning and the crowds are less plentiful.

    Staying Busy 

    For many people, they want to avoid boredom at all costs, especially when traveling with active children or teenagers. The pace of your cruise and how busy you are will largely depend on how many ports the cruise visits and just how much relaxation you get in. Book a cruise that visits many places to ensure you’ll experience many different locations and have a little downtime.

    Book a Room with a Balcony

    Half of the benefits of taking a cruise is the incredible scenery and views involved. For those in cabins without balconies, it can be difficult to experience all that Alaska has to offer and the beautiful and crisp ocean air along the way. Booking a cabin with a balcony will allow you to wake up and walk right outside with nothing but the ocean in front of you, which provides an incredible experience that will drastically enhance your cruise to Alaska and provide picturesque memories.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Take Pictures 

    Many tourists are afraid of looking cheesy and hesitate to take hundreds of snapshots of the beautiful views of Alaska and each port they visit. Forget what people think and fully experience the beauty of nature with your camera so you have something to remember and take home with you. Don’t forget a good set of binoculars (Opticsmag, for example, has a good buying guide for binoculars under $300 you could check) and even a video camera so many memories are made and you can remember the trip for several years to come. Try bringing the equipment you’re used to using and won’t be struggling to figure out while you’re trying to enjoy your cruise.

    Take Excursions 

    Trying to explore Alaska on your own as a rookie can make for a bad experience and waste valuable time. Put some money aside for an excursion where you’ll be escorted around by someone who is trained and knows the area well so you can see some of the best locations and truly have an incredible experience. Plenty of activities are available once arriving in Alaska, including dog sledding, exploring the state by helicopter, and even going whale watching.

    Read reviews to get input on what excursions are most enjoyed by tourists and don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone so you can try something new.

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