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    Oh God, how beautiful our Earth is! There are tons of wonderful places to visit is almost hard to choose where to go. Mountains, rivers, lakes, seas and beaches, sunsets, and sunrises from different locations are just a tiny part of the beauty of our planet.

    But have you heard about Aurora Borealis? Like our planet hasn’t done enough to make us fall in love with it, it gives us the unique natural phenomenon called Aurora Borealis. This phenomenon is breathtaking to see, and it is one of a kind.

    It is characterized by different colors appearing from the sky. You can see them in greenish, reddish, or in a mix of the two in the two poles of our Earth. This means that you have to start searching for a place where you can see this breathtaking phenomenon. Tromso seems like the perfect place to be part of such an experience and enjoy the beautiful nature of Norway. You can click the following link to learn more about this topic, especially if you find it is interesting:

    What are Auroras?

    If you have been scrolling down through social media, you have probably noticed pictures with these beautiful lights falling from the sky. These light shows are famously known as Aurora Borealis, or even northern lights in the North Pole, and southern lights, or Aurora Australis in the South Pole.

    The exciting part is that although these light shows are visible best at night, they are created by our Sun. This beautiful star gives us more than light or heat; it also sends minor particles or other forms of energy. Some of these particles are stopped from falling to Earth thanks to the shield, called a magnetic field.

    This shield is not equally strong throughout the Earth’s surface, and some of the solar storm’s particles can get through the north or south pole. When these tiny particles get in contact with the gases in the atmosphere, they become what we call auroras.

    The color of the display of these auroras is determined by the type of gas that interacts with the small particles. For example, a blue or purple light show is a result of interaction between particles and nitrogen. Red or green auroras are a result of the mix of oxygen and small particles. Pretty impressive, right?

    All of this beauty can be seen from Tromso in Norway. People go there to be part of this extraordinary phenomenon. If you need more reasons to visit this city, continue reading the guide.

    Tons of activities

    Besides watching the northern lights, you can spend your time in various activities happening in the city. For example, you can go dog sledding or learn about the culture of the people who live there. You can enjoy the taste of the beautiful local cuisine or maybe learn a new recipe.

    Tromsø, Norway
    Tromsø, Norway

    You can go hiking and camping in the beautiful mountains that are surrounding this small city. Or you could just enjoy the beautiful winter fairytale and wait for the northern lights to appear in the sky. What is for sure is that you can’t get bored in this beautiful country.

    The magnificent landscape will keep you easily busy all the time. Wherever you turn your head to you will see fantastic nature. This place is like nothing you have ever seen so far.

    Amazing climate

    The best time to visit Tromso is, of course, during winter. This is because this city gets a different kind of spirit and comes to life when the snow falls down. You can also see auroras from the Antarctic, but you could freeze from the cold weather there.

    Unlike there, in this small city, the temperature is much better. Tromso has the mildest climate compared to the towns that surround it. You should wear warm clothes but what is for sure that you won’t be cold.

    Tromsø, Norway
    Tromsø, Norway

    Rich history

    If you are not familiar with Norwegian culture and history, it is time to start reading! Their history is full of interesting stories that the Vikings represent. The Vikings were part of their history many years ago, but they are still present through songs, movies, and style of life.

    Every local would be proud to tell you a little bit about their culture and to entertain you with a joke. Moreover, the nightlife there is more than enough for everyone who wishes to party. The main street is filled with nightclubs, bars and a lot of restaurants. This is your chance the experiment with the local cuisine and feel like a local. Now the question is, how can you make your stay even better?

    Rent a car

    You must be wondering how it will be possible for you to check everything from your list with so much to see. The easy answer is to rent a car. By doing so, you could enjoy your vacay to the fullest. You could visit everything you wanted to without even thinking about taxis or buses.

    Although the transportation in the whole country of Norway is quite organized, it is nothing like driving around in your own car. There are a couple of Leiebilguiden Tromsø which you can choose from and start enjoying your vacation.

    You will be completely free, and you can even explore more than you hoped to. This is because instead of waiting for the bus, you’ll be in your car, saving a lot of time. Plus, you can do everything according to your schedule and needs.

    You won’t have to rely or depend on the timetables of the transport in the city. Just turn on the engine, go camping and sleep under the endless sky. There is nothing like having your automobile in this beautiful nature.

    There are tons of places there that are hard to be reached by public transport. You would either have to cross these places on your list or walk a lot. But a rented car that is waiting for you in front of your accommodation is the best solution for all of these problems.

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