Hiking in the Highlands: A Beginner’s Guide

    The highlands of Scotland are a hiker’s paradise. Well known around the world for their spectacular scenery and breathtaking views, the Scottish highlands are populated by snow capped mountains, grassy knolls, crystal clear streams and lakes, and rolling hills and valleys which stretch out in every direction for miles. It’s perfectly possible to lose yourself in this beautiful part of the world , and totally immerse yourself in the natural wonders of a place like no other on Earth.

    Castle Stalker ~ Loch Laich, Scotland

    Getting Started on Your Hiking Holiday

    Before you head to the farthest flung regions of Scotland in search of adventure, it’s important to prepare yourself first. Scotland can be quite temperate at times, but as the northernmost part of the UK it can get pretty cold, even in summer. This is especially true the further you climb above sea level. So for hiking the highlands it’s important to dress appropriately, in warm comfortable clothing from a reputable retailer like GearWeare, and to make sure that your boots will give you the maximum protection when traversing uneven terrain.

    Pevensey - William the Conqueror's First English Castle - and St Mary's Church (4)

    Places to Go and See

    There are many places in Scotland which are spectacularly beautiful and perfect places for hikers to see and explore. If you’re thinking about heading to the highlands for your hiking holiday, it will be well worth visiting the following sites of interest:

    Before your set off, however, it’s always worth checking out the local weather forecasts beforehand. Many of Scotland’s highland hiking routes can be treacherous in wind, rain or snow, and are also best traversed during the day time – especially if you’re inexperienced.

    Places to Stay in Scotland

    Scottish people are known for being very welcoming, and you’ll always sure to be able to find somewhere to stay when you taking a highland hiking holiday. Many places cater almost exclusively to hikers, and will provide information about the local landscape upon request. Some even offer walking guides, who are available to show hikers how to access difficult-to-find areas of particular beauty.

    If you’re thinking about booking a Scottish hiking holiday this year, the best times to go generally tend to be in summer, when the days are longer and the weather is more clement. But Scotland is a beautiful place in both sun and snow, so don’t let the month put you off taking what may be the most memorable vacation you ever enjoy.

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