How To See The World On A Budget

    Seeing the world is a great thing to do, especially if you have the time. Try taking three or more months to travel around the world. There are roughly 196 countries in the world and you can choose to see them all or to just see your favorites. Unfortunately, seeing the world can cost a veritable fortune, if you’re giving up a job to travel, you really can’t afford it. Here are five ways to see the world on a budget!

    1. Couch Surf – Couch surfing is perhaps the easiest way to see the world on a budget. Try meeting people on couch surfing websites and arranging in advance the duration of your stay and what you will be providing. Most couch surfers bring small gifts to their hosts and offer to do chores around the house. In return you get a free meal and a free bed for however long you agreed to stay.
    2. Hitchhike – Hitchhiking isn’t legal everywhere so make sure that you know where you can and can’t lift rides. You should also remember to exercise caution when getting into cars with strangers. Hitchhikers have the most luck using signs that say where they are going and by being extremely polite. Avoid smoking, drinking or eating in their car (unless they say you may) in order to avoid being asked to leave.
    3. Work Your Way – Did you know that you can travel to a city and do small jobs such as house cleaning, window washing or etc. to earn pocket money for your travels. While you can’t get a real job without a work visa, you can earn enough money to buy meals, or you can work in direct exchange for food, lodging or both. This process is especially handy on large farms and ranches.
    4. Book Tickets Together – If at any time you have to get on a plane, try booking a multi city trip. Pay for your plane tickets in advance so that you get a discount! Remember, the sooner you buy plane tickets, the cheaper they will be.
    5. Travel In Winter – Did you know that you can save a lot of money by traveling in the winter? You might have to pack more clothes but plane tickets can be as low as half price. You will also have the advantage of fewer crowds, discounted merchandise and winter views of wherever you are going.

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