How to see Crocodiles in their natural habitat in NT

    Ever seen a croc in the wild? The Top End is well known for its wild adventures and getting a peek at some crocs in their natural habitat is one more thing to add to your must-do list when visiting. Despite there being an estimated 150,000 saltwater crocs and 100,000 freshwater crocs across Northern Australia, catching a glimpse of these wild creatures in their natural habitat isn’t as easy as it sounds.

    Where Do Crocs Live in the NT

    Did you know that most Northern Territory rivers average five crocodiles per kilometre! The Mary River though is absolutely teeming with crocs, with an average of 15 saltwater crocodiles (that’s the big guys) per kilometre! Absolutely crazy right? And a good reason to leave that swim suit in your luggage!

    Despite their name, saltwater crocodiles, or salties, live in both salt and freshwater and its common to see them in and around Kakadu National Park and the Adelaide River. Freshwater crocs are found in freshwater locations only, and generally nest around the riverbanks. Nitmiluk in the Katherine Gorge is a great place to see them.

    Litchfield National Park is one of the most popular areas in the Northern Territory for tourists and has a number of safe swimming spots, but be on the lookout while visiting – you may still be lucky enough to spot some crocs that have made their way into the waterways in the park.

    Croc Safety in the NT

    There are plenty of reasons to keep out of the water in the Northern Territory, especially in unsigned waterways. When travelling through the NT, always be on the lookout for signage indicating if the water is safe. But even if there is signage, still be on the lookout – the odd saltwater or freshwater croc can make their way into areas that are normally safe to swim in.

    If swimming with crocs is an absolute must do for you, book a tour with Outback Floatplane Adventures. With a croc safe pool on all tours, you’ll have the chance to swim with crocodiles safely with the supervision of professional operators.

    Outback Floatplane Adventures offers three great ways to see crocodiles in their natural habitat in the NT. Join the team on their floatplane, airboat or cruising boat on a half day, full day or overnight adventure. On a half-day adventure, you’ll fly in a floatplane over the floodplains bordering Litchfield National Park, land on Sweet’s Lagoon, take a wetlands cruise on an airboat and cruise through Sweet’s Lagoon aboard “Cyclone Creek”.

    A full day tour will take you into Litchfield National Park, stopping at some of the most popular waterfalls with crystal clear pools to dip in, cruising through wetlands and monsoonal rainforest, up-close croc encounters, and a spin across the Finniss River Floodplains in an airboat.

    If all this isn’t enough, join Outback Floatplane Adventures on an overnight adventure where you can take in all the wildlife and nature you like, combined with star gazing and a glamping experience in the middle of the Northern Territory.

    Crocodiles are a fascination for visitors and locals alike. Make a tour with Outback Floatplane Adventures a must-do on your trip to the top end and experience getting up and close with these wonderful creatures.

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