Ways to Experience Awe on Your Next Vacation

    What do you want to get out of your next vacation? Maybe you want to do something exciting, or maybe you just want to get away from the office. Maybe you want to relax, or maybe you want to spend quality time with your loved ones.

    What about awe? Is it something you want to experience while you’re on vacation? It should be!

    Awe is the antidote to anxiety. It will help you enjoy your vacation more, and it will ensure you feel rested when it’s time to go back to work.

    The question is—how do you make sure you experience awe on your next vacation?

    Visit a Historic Place

    Visiting a historic place can be a great way to experience awe when traveling. For example, Nashville is a popular vacation destination because its history runs deep. It was established in 1779, and it’s a place where music greats have collided for decades.

    No matter where you travel, look for a place with a lot of history. Tour a period home of a famous person or spend time at an infamous battleground. If you’re struggling to find a historic place, check out a museum.

    There’s just something about imaging life the way it was that gives us a sense of awe in our own lives.

    Catch a Live Act

    Music is a powerful thing. It’s good for your soul, and it’s good for your health. It turns out, it can be the key to experiencing awe.

    While you’re on vacation, make time in your schedule to catch a band or a singer on stage. You just may find that moment of awe you’re looking for.

    It’s not just music that can move you to a state of awe. Look for other live acts that will make you step back and say, “Wow!” A magic act might do it, as might an acrobatic act. For example, many people walk away from Cirque du Soleil shows with feelings of awe.

    Get out in Nature

    Few things inspire awe like getting out in nature. Some vacations capitalize on outdoor spaces. For example, you’ll undoubtedly feel awe when visiting the Grand Canyon.

    However, nature-inspired awe can be found nearly everywhere, if you know where to look. A few ideas for harnessing the power of nature on your vacation to feel awe include:

    • Taking a walk through a flower garden bursting with color
    • Signing up for an outdoor activity, like bird watching or rock climbing
    • Finding a spot outside to meditate in the morning before a busy day
    • Visiting a natural outdoor phenomenon, like a cave or a hot spring
    • Getting out at night and spending time gazing at the stars

    Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

    When going on vacation, one of the easiest ways to ensure you feel awe-inspired is to go somewhere you’ve never been before. You’re more likely to experience awe going somewhere you’ve never been before than a tried-and-true vacation spot.

    What you do while you’re on vacation matters too. There are many benefits of trying something new, but one of the most convincing reasons is that it can leave you with a sense of awe.

    Fortunately, there are many ways to have new experiences on vacation! For those who are less adventurous, trying a new food can be just the ticket to feeling awe-inspired. If you are a bit braver, you might want to try something like bungee jumping.

    Hot air balloon rides, touring a cave, or visiting a theme park are all great ideas. Your options will depend on where you’re staying, but there’s surely something you’ve never done before when you’re on vacation!

    Take a Minute to Slow Down

    Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation after you got back from vacation? Many people feel like they have to pack their time with activities. Unfortunately, staying busy is going to rob you of opportunities to experience awe.

    No matter why you left home or what you decide to do on vacation, it’s important to take a minute to slow down. Spend a few moments gazing out the hotel window or pause for a few minutes at a scenic outlook. You’ll ensure you make time for feelings of awe, and it will make sure you return home feeling rested and rejuvenated.

    There are many reasons to go on vacation. Make experiencing awe one of them. With the ideas on this list, you’ll ensure you make time for awe-inspiring experiences that you’ll never forget.

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