Kakadu National Park

    KakaduNational Park is an ethnological and archaeological reserve in Northern Territory f or more than 40,000 years. It is an excellent example of ecosystem, including floodplains, plateaus, tidal flats and lowlands and also provides habitat to a wide range of endemic species (rare species) of flora and fauna. The rock carvings, archaeological sites and cave paintings tell us about the skills and the way of living of the inhabitants in this region, from prehistoric hunter-gatherers to the people still living there.

    jacana_kakadu_national_park_nt_australia_photoThe park has 4 major landforms:

    1. Southern hills and basins
    2. Arnhem land plateau and escarpment complex
    3. Coastal Riverine plains
    4. Koolpinyah suface

    The flora or vegetation can be divided into 13 categories. From these 13 categories, seven categories include distinct and wide range of Eucalyptus. The remaining categories include: lowland rain forest, samphire, mangrove, sandstone rainforest, seasonal flood plain, paper bark swamp. It is diverse in flowers also and consists of 46 species of plant that are threatened or rare.

    Kakadu is also a national park rich in wildlife. One quarter of freshwater and estuarine fish species are found in KakaduNational Park. Besides this one third of Australia’s bird species, 200 species of ant and 55 species of termite are found in this park only. This park also comprises of pig- nosed turtle, mammals and salt water crocodile.

    The park is jointly managed by the traditional owners and Parks Australia. Most of the Kakadu land is the land of Aboriginal people which have now leased it to the government.

    Attractions in Kakadu:

    • South Aligator Area

    Mamukala wetlands are the main attraction of this area. The wetlands are beautiful throughout the year. It is worth seeing Mamukala wetlands in the end of dry season i.e. in the month of September or October as during this time water resources get diminished which congregate there thousands of birds. It is a peaceful and relaxing place to see, take photos and enjoy the cool breeze along with the conversation of birds.

     kakadu1Other attractions:

    • Between Gu-ngarre and Mamukala lies a picnic area where you can access all the barbeque and picnic facilities.
    • One can see the birds like Red Lily, Alligator Billabongs and bucket.
    •  Jabiru Area

    It is a town located within KakaduNational Park. This town provides many services like post office, bank, supermarket, chemist and many more. Jabiru is considered to be the best starting point to explore Kakadu in depth. Moreover the Jabiru east airport is just 4.5 km away from Kakadu. The main attraction is Ubirr rock.

    • MaryRiver Area

    The Mary River Roadhouse offers accommodation, sells fuel and serves meals. It is located in the southernmost part of Kakadu, which is the least visited part. It is so beautiful and is closest to the highway which makes it easier to reach. Two attractions in this area are: Gunlom and Maguk. Both Maguk and Gunlom offer clear plunge pools, interesting walks and waterfalls.

    All the above mentioned places attract tourists from all over the world. Therefore, the Kakadu tours are the best tours as Kakadu has many places to visit which will make your journey memorable.

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