Top 7 Antique Markets in India

    Shopping in India is an experience like no other.  Outdoor markets and covered bazaars can be found in every major city across the country and present opportunities for true bargain hunting.  Among the countless textile, jewelry and home goods markets are a few select places where artifacts from India’s past can be found.  Antiques from India range from ancient folk art and handicrafts, to Victorian relics from British India.  Tourists looking to take home a few antiques from their holiday in India will find that Delhi and Mumbai have the most options.

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    However, there are also a few excellent markets scattered throughout the rest of India.

    1. Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

    The Chor Bazaar is the best known bazaar in Mumbai and perhaps India as a whole.  Located in the southern part of the city, Chor is a true bargain hunter’s paradise.  The market is organized along a narrow road with shops crammed together side-by-side.  Mixed in with spare car parts and other seemingly mundane items are Victorian-era artifacts that would look right at home in any London antique shop.  Glassware, wall clocks, pocket watches and centuries-old home goods have somehow found their way to Chor and tourists can pick items up at a great bargain if they’re willing to haggle.

    2. Kerala Jew Town

    Jew Town is a famous street in Kerala well-known for its concentration of antique shops.  Stores here offer vintage items from all over India including statues, wood carvings and jewelry.  There are also a number of vendors who specialize in antiques from the time when India was a British colony.  Many of the glass and porcelain goods sold here came from the homes of British India’s nobility.

    3. Sunder Nagar Market, Delhi

    Antique trawling is the most popular activity at Delhi’s Sunder Nagar Market.  A little more upscale than the average market in India, there are numerous vendors here selling old folk art and other antiques.  Indian-style furniture, tableware, jewelry and centuries-old knick knacks abound here, and can be purchased for a relative bargain.

    4. Phillips Antiques, Mumbai

    Established in 1860, Phillips Antiques has enjoyed 150 years of being Mumbai’s premiere antique shop.  Though not a market, anyone looking for older items to decorate their home with should stop by this famous store.  Within its walls there are countless folk paintings, wood carvings, old maps, furniture and more.  Many of the artifacts at Phillips are rare and prized collectables.  As a trusted antique dealer, Phillips prices are above those of outdoor bazaars and street markets, but buyers can be sure they are purchasing authentic items from the retailer.

    5. Janpath and Tibetan Market, Delhi

    Originally established by Tibetan refugees, shopkeepers at this unique market have plenty of small antique utensils and decorative items from Tibet for tourists.  Bargaining here is a must and prices are fairly reasonable even for those on a tight budget.  Amongst the small antique vendors are countless other handicraft and jewelry stalls that offer excellent prices for tourists provided they bargain.

    6. Khan Market, Delhi

    Khan Market is Delhi is a popular shopping destination for the city’s well-to-do and expats.  Though it’s best known for posh, brand name boutiques and eateries, there are a number of interior decor and antique shops residing here.  The market is best for tourists in search of reputable, high quality antique home furnishing and decor items, but these antiques won’t come cheap.  However, Khan Market does provide a decidedly less hectic shopping experience and is a better place to find truly valuable collection quality antiques.

    7. Santushti Shopping Complex

    In stark contrast to crowded and bustling bazaars, Santushti is a calm shopping oasis filled with designer boutiques, art dealers, home goods stores and rug merchants.  A little digging will reveal a treasure trove of vintage Indian folk art, 19th century rugs and other antique goods.  Like many other more western-style markets, items in Santushti will come with a higher price tag.

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