Marvelling at the Beauty of Travel in India on Land and Sea

    There are many modes of transportation in the vast and ancient nation of India.  Many travelers are surprised to discover the variety of ferries used while marvelling at the beauty of travel in India.  Coracles, wooden canoes, small and large ferries are used to cross rivers.

    Travel in India, Mumbai
    Travel in India, Mumbai

    Motorcycles and autos can be rented in most areas and a second-hand cycle can be purchased reasonably.   Drivers can be hired with a vehicle for a modest fee that allows vacationers to concentrate on marvelling at the beauty of travel in India. Accommodation is just as varied, with visitors able to choose from Villas for rent in Colva to budget hostels in backpacking haven Goa.

    Trams and buses are the least expensive way to get around country.   The safest bus companies are operated by the state government and are the most reliable.   Private bus companies are often overloaded, very noisy, and some tourists claim the drivers fancy themselves to be operating a race car.

    For many, marvelling at the beauty of travel in India, begins and ends with a train story.   India has a storied train history due to their extensive network of tracks and networks.   The computerized reservation system allows travelers to retain sleeping quarters and make all sorts of arrangements as much as 50-60 days in advance of travel.

    There is a journey that is like no other.

    Picture an auto excursion with an amazing ferry ride on the ocean.   Visitors to the Andaman Islands will land at Port Blair after a 60 hour ride from Chennai or 56 hours from Kolkata across the legendary Bay of Bengal.   The historic Andaman Islands and Port Blair is an adventure often overlooked.

    Port Blair is home to the Cellular Jail National Memorial which is now a shrine dedicated to political dissidents that the British once jailed here.    India’s national memory is filled with stories created in the 698 cells contained in 7 wings that radiate from the central tower.   This is where freedom fighters swapped books, ideology, and conducted debates in the shadow of guards and stone walls.

    There is Anthropological Museum that houses many indigenous tribal chest guards, totems, and sculptures.   The New Lighthouse Restaurant is an open-air dining spot that is not nearly new and may leave visitors wondering when it will fall down.  However, it is a terrific spot to fill up on crab, lobster, and fresh, grilled fish.

    While marvelling at the beauty of travel in India and specifically Port Blair it makes sense to spend a couple hours exploring the Andaman Handicrafts Emporium.   Many tourists have had beautiful cane and bamboo furniture shipped home from here.   The craftsmanship is also found in detailed wood carvings created on the island.   Jewelry made from shells are very appealing and a good buy but it is important that each item comes with proof that the shells were collected legally or you may not be allowed to take it home.

    There is a collection of upscale restaurants and accommodations and luxury hotels in Mumbai where visitors can receive excellent advice on excursions.   Day trips to Wandoor Beach, Chiryu Tapu or Mt. Harriet can be arranged with transportation and a guide.

    Planes, trains, bikes, and automobiles are wonderful ways to discover India.   For an extraordinary experience it might be time to consider the transportation version of “surf and turf”.  A combination ferry ride and island exploration reveals much and leaves one marvelling at the beauty of travel in India.

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