New Zealand’s Best Beaches

    New Zealand – it is a beautiful place. With all sorts of climes, from rainforests to mountains, from swamps to volcanoes, and everything in between, it is a wonderful country to visit, no matter what sort of holiday you’re into.

    Something else that the land of the Kiwis is absolutely fantastic for is beaches – the Coromandel Peninsula has temperature, naturally heated waters, Abel Tasman has pure golden sands… you are simply spoilt for choice.

    Here are a few for you to choose from; we’ve only rounded up the very best for your browsing pleasure!

    West Auckland: Karekare

    This beach is wild and isolated, featuring glorious black sands stretching as far as your eye can see, backed by rugged hills. Because of its isolation, it tends to be less touristy than other nearby beaches, despite the fact that it was made world-famous in the film The Piano.

    Karekaregeoftheref / / CC BY-NC-ND

    Only swim between the flags – elsewhere the water can get pretty rough, so don’t risk getting dragged away. It’s a great beach to pull up a towel and soak up the sun on, as you’re almost guaranteed a spot, but if you like things a little busier, come on race day in early April. You’ll get to see ponies and horses race along the sands!

    Coromandel Peninsula: Hot Water Beach

    Probably our favourite of the lot, any visitors to the Hot Water Beach of the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula who know what’s what will come along a couple of hours before low tide. Dig a hole and climb in – it’s your own personal hot spa!

    Cathedral Cove Sea Cave - Coromandel, New Zealand
    Coromandel PeninsulaDaniel Peckham / / CC BY-NC-SA

    Lasting until the waves roll in and spoil the fun, the springs here cause hot water to bubble up through the sands, allowing you to soak up the heat as well as lovely magnesium, potassium and calcium.

    The coastal springs are unique, so you’ll have to travel to New Zealand to enjoy them. Don’t worry though; they’re well worth the trip!

    Northland: Ninety Mile Beach

    Bizarrely, Ninety Mile Beach is not ninety miles long – it’s actually about ninety kilometres long! But don’t let that odd misnomer put you off visiting; it’s a lovely, lovely beach, stretching for 55 miles of pure, golden sands.

    Ninety Mile Beach, Far North, New Zealand
    Ninety Mile BeachSandy Austin / / CC BY-NC

    It’s the biggest and most famous beach in all of New Zealand, stretching right to the northern tip of the country. With sand dunes so big you’ll think you’re in the desert and waters so clear you can scarcely believe it, Ninety Mile is an unforgettable beach.

    Raglan: Whale Bay

    Known around the world for its amazing surfing opportunities, Whale Bay is where to come if you fancy catching a wave or two. It’s not the place for beginners, unless you’re getting lessons, in which case it’s fantastic – there are plenty of surf schools nearby, fortunately.

    A Whale of a Mouthful
    Whale Bayflythebirdpath~}~}~} BACK from beautiful ALASKA / / CC BY-NC

    Nestling in between Mount Karioi and the Tasman Sea, the views are dramatic and will make for some amazing photographs. Because it’s so popular with the surfer crowd, you will find massage studies, organic food shops, and great restaurants in the area.

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