Norway: Underrated and Undiscovered

    When you think about booking a holiday, is it all about beaches and sunshine? It’s no surprise really, with the murky weather that seems to frequent the British Isles. Most people find that if they have the opportunity for a holiday then they will head for a hot destination. Instead of being bombarded by snap-happy tourists at the Trevi fountain, or queuing for hours to get up the Eiffel Tower on an August bank holiday, think about the untapped, hidden gems of this world that are waiting to be explored.

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    Not only does Norway have the mystique of a land rich with the marvels of unseen animals and terrain alike, but it also seems to be at the forefront of environmental issues. A news report praised Norway for its energy efficient transformation of waste into eco-friendly fuel.

    Norwegian Heritage

    In Northern Norway, Russia, Finland and Sweden you will find Sami people, around half the total population (around 40,000) of these indigenous people live in North Norway. The Sami people wear traditional outfits and have a rich heritage involving crafts. The ladies’ jackets and shawls often have trimming to frame them.

    Once you have discovered the hidden treasures that Norway has to offer, it is hard to think of a reason not to go. There are some unusual activities to participate in: Try a Husky ride, which is an exhilarating and unique experience. Dog sledding is an opportunity to get out in the elements, and cross the snow in style, with the help of some huskies.

    Fresh, delicious Food

    As would be expected there is an abundance of fresh fish. Fish dishes are cooked aplenty and if you can bring yourself to get over the guilt of having Rudolph for lunch, then have a taste of some reindeer, described as a tender meat to be cooked lightly as it contains little fat.  Apparently those who love venison could enjoy the taste of reindeer.

    You may be curious about the open sandwich, it is a dish eaten frequently in Norway. These sandwiches come in many flavours, such as egg mayonnaise, roast beef, and trout. All decorated beautifully with salad, a dressing and a sprig of parsley.

    Outstanding Beauty

    How about gliding down the water between the ancient fjord of North Norway.

    A Fjord is a stunning piece of geological creation. The fjord, which is created by the erosion of a glacier, results in a body of water surrounded by steep rock-faces. Hurtigruten offers a variety of explorations in Norway, from the delights of a five-night voyage, sailing from Bergen to Tromso. Be stunned by the breathtaking valleys as you coast through onboard, in peace and tranquillity.

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