Resorts near Jaipur: Feelings of Glorious Past

    Enveloped with natural inheritance and enriched with historical values, Rajasthan the state of Royals has been since centuries the center of attraction and particularly the city of Jaipur, a dear destination of leisure activities, holidaying, merrymaking, pilgrimage and parties still holds the fragrance of glorious past. Due to its celestial scenery around, Jaipur has been a hot favorite for all walks of life. Taking due advantage of the blessed prosperity of the surroundings, the resorts near Jaipur have magnificently flourished over the years. Most of them, situated in the outskirts of the buzzing city life, are the ones more sought after by the tourists. Ajabgarh, meaning ‘a place of mysteries’ in Alwar district of Rajasthan is a dusty village full of attraction. Amanbagh Resorts as the name suggests is really a garden of peace, a paradise among nowhere.

    Bahrain - Sheikh Salman Bin Ahmed Al-Fateh Fort

    Amanbagh Resorts in Ajabgary is highly appreciated for its serenity and tranquility. The atmosphere in and around the resort really gives the feelings of something mysterious and magical. Full of modern amenities, well mannered staff and appareled with all sorts of comforts, the resort is a heaven among dust and wind. The tourists feeling the warmth of historical values in Rajasthan are really mesmerized to see such unexpected modern comfort and luxury among the centuries-old Rajasthani tradition and culture.

    Another exotic resort near the Pink City Jaipur is Qila Tatarpur in the village of Tatarpur in Alwar district. Qila Tatarpur surrounded with the farming lands and greenery, presents such panoramic view that the visitors regret why they came there that late. After a short abandonment, this fort has been turned into a heritage resort. Among the mutating surroundings and life style of Rajasthanis, this fort stands as a symbol of glorious past of 450 years, and to stay in this heritage resort would be a fortunate experience to feel the royal life lived centuries ago by the Royal Rajas of Rajasthan. The tourists with deep interest in wildlife and wilderness can additionally relish and cherish the eco-tourism prospects of Sarishka Wildlife Sanctuary which lies at a distance of a day’s drive form Tatarpur.

    The next resort to give the feeling of kingly life is the emerging resort in Mahar Kala in the district of Jaipur. Mahar Kala, developed into a heritage luxury gateway is of great interest for those interested in the complex fragrance of socio-cultural and ecological perspectives of life around here. Its quintessence lies in the fact that Sewara has successfully preserved the antiquity and fused it with modernity in such a dexterous manner that the onlookers fall spellbound.

    Rajasthan has been serving the tourists since centuries and is well experienced in translating the Indian way of hospitality into reality. Keeping in mind the overall aspects of guest comforts, the Ajabgarh Resorts (Amanbagh), Qila Tarapur and Mahar Kala are notable among the resorts near Jaipur for their quaintness and efforts to revive the glorious past of Rajasthan and make the tourists feel the royal life that the kings of Rajasthan once had.

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